Monday, 18 September 2017

More purple stuff, but at a different scale

As I mentioned in my last post, I've bought a fair amount of Dropzone Commander stuff recently. Seemed like the next thing to do was start painting it, so here we are.

Assuming anyone is still reading by this point, let's have a look at what I've done.

First of all, half a dozen of these fellas:

Stompy stompy, blasty blasty

These are Ronin - armoured battlesuit things. At some point in the future, everyone seems to be agreed that armoured battlesuits will become vital. Not quite sure why that should be the case, but there we are. This version is good because it can appear from being transported and shoot stuff in the same turn, which most things can't normally. So that's nice.

Continuing the "things that are apparently a good idea in sci-fi" theme, we have a walking tank!

More stompy stompy, more blasty blasty
This is a Coyote Command Walker. I feel quite safe posting this here even though I'd normally hide it until it makes it onto the table. This is because I've been bemoaning the lack of one of these for so long that no one would believe I didn't buy it anyway. This is good in the game because it's a lot tougher than most things in my army, and also because it has an ejector seat, so the commander inside can survive for a bit longer when it is inevitably wrecked around the mid point of turn 2.

There we are then, short and sweet, but it all adds to the numbers...

Painted: 154
Acquired: 162

I'm planning to do Zomtober again this year! I didn't do it last time round (in fact I'm not sure when I did last do it) but I've got plans for this one, so keep watching here...

Friday, 8 September 2017

Plagued by Value

It's been a difficult few weeks for my goal of painting more models than I acquire in 2017.

The problem has been Dropzone Commander. It's a great game, but for some time I've struggled to do well at it. Because I'm an excellent workman, the issue has obviously been my tools, specifically the lack of a solid core to base my army around.

This nagging feeling that I could do better at the game if I just spent more money left me very receptive to a series of surprisingly good offers on Shaltari models. I'm not sure why these all came at the same time from different sellers, but the upshot is I've added 41 models to the pile. On top of that, I ended up with 3 freebie models at Partizan, so all told my "acquired" total has increased by 44. This isn't exactly what I had planned.

Fortunately, I had a creative solution, made available by Hawk Wargames' other offering. As you can't miss if you've read my blog at all recently, I've been building up my Dropfleet Commander fleet, so first of all I added another 3 frigates, to round out a couple of groups:

3. That's a start

These are pretty small, but I thought I could go smaller. So I took things down a level with some bombers...

3 + 12 = 15. Getting better

This both improved my numbers, and guaranteed that people would complain that these "don't count" as models. I found both to be pleasing, but I thought I could go further with both, so I went to the fighters:

3 + 12 + 15 = 30. That'll do!

These can't sensibly be described as anything other than Very Small. Their diminutive nature allowed me to rattle through them very quickly, and I suffered only temporary blindness as a result, which was nice.

So, what's the end result of all that on my numbers?

Painted: 147
Acquired: 162

Certainly not the direction I'd have liked it to take, but I'm only 15 models away from evening things up again. I have some of the Dropzone bits on the go now, so hopefully it won't take me too long to close the gap. On the other hand, recently an excess of real life has limited my available painting time, so there's still a reasonable chance that I run out of year before I get things back on track.

Oooh, it's tense!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Piece of Resistance

The title is a reference to the wrong film. Apologies. If you can think of a better title for this post, I suggest you imagine I'd written that instead.

Anyway! In a similar vein to my previous post about post-apocalyptic barricades, here are some resistance fighters for Terminator Genisys. I picked these partly because I seem to be a in post-apocalypse mood at the moment, but also because I figured I could paint these quickly, get my numbers up, and get closer to having some bigger games of Terminator.

And indeed, these were very quick to paint!

Let's get killed in the future!

So, I've rattled through a dozen of them in about a week, which for me is very very fast. It also occurred to me as I was doing these that apart from the four carrying futuristic (and oddly bulbous, but that does match the film) plasma weapons, these would pass very nicely for some sort of private security or henchmen. I'm sure Kieron will be able to come up with something 7TV related that they could be used for...

In case you're wondering, I did plan to take more photos of these, but Mrs Matt returned from IKEA with the kids as I was posing them, so they were unceremoniously chucked in a box before they could be of interest to preschoolers. This does mean that there's a chance I've broken several of them. Suppose I'll find out the next time I open that box.

Anyway, here's the obligatory numbers that no one but me will care about:

Painted: 117
Acquired: 118

So close! It's a shame I'm going to Partizan in the morning, that's likely to push things in the wrong direction...

Friday, 4 August 2017

Something about Donald Trump

... 'cos it's about walls, geddit?

I've been at the paintbrushes again, and this time I've come up with something different for a change!

These are scrap walls from Crooked Dice Miniatures.

I picked them up at Chillcon earlier this year, thinking they'll be good for general post-apocalyptic shenanigans, including the Terminator game which I've managed a couple of outings with relatively recently.

They're really nice, clean casts, and there's enough detail to make painting them interesting.

Lots of random pieces of scrap, too, which did give me the problem of working out what colour everything should be.

Overall, these have worked out nicely in my humble opinion, and I'm keen as ever to get more terrain available the next time I do something sci-fi or end-of-the-world-ish.

So, once again, let's see the scores...

Painted: 105
Acquired: 118

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

What time is it?

It's tiny purple spaceship time!

Yep, I've been painting Dropfleet Commander ships again. By this stage there's very little else for me to say about them, but I feel honour bound to list all of my painting efforts, so here we are. Let's all just stay strong, we can get through this.

Right, here we go. Deep breath.

First up, a couple of Opal frigates. These improve on one of the "interesting" features of the Shaltari, their ability to raise shields for extra protection, at the cost of being visible from much further away.

Ships with entirely fair special rules

When these ships are within 6" of a Shaltari vessel that has its shields up, they confer a re-roll. As you can imagine, this is incredibly well received by my opponent.

Also! I've painted some of these...

Ships with entirely fair close action weaponry
These are Amethyst cruisers. They have close action weapons that allow them to ignore enemy point defences, so although they can't attack at long range they're pretty nasty at close range. As a nice bonus, the Shaltari version of "close range" is the longest in the game. Although I haven't fielded these yet, I'm sure they will also be received in very good humour once they're on the table.

There now, that wasn't so bad, was it? Final thing to do is to look at the scores...

Sadly, there's a problem here. The Joy of Six show in Sheffield took place recently, and, well, I bought some stuff.

Specifically, a couple of 6mm buildings (no big deal) and a couple of packs of 6mm MDF wall. Sadly, there are 12 sections to a pack, so that's another 24 models to add to the count. Ooops.

With all that in mind, here we go...

Painted: 103
Acquired: 118

Aww, dammit.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Been around the world twice, talked to everybody once

At last, I've painted something that isn't another tedious incremental build of a force I've posted about here many times before.

Sadly, photographic evidence has been hard to produce, but I've had a go...

Rootin', tootin',

shootin', parachutin'
As you may or may not be able to tell from these (frankly terrible) pictures, these are US Navy SEAL frogmen.

They've been difficult to photograph because I've given them entirely black wetsuits, equipment and weapons. I've also followed my standard basing method for modern models and gone for a tarmac effect. The result of all that is a very black model, with only various shades of grey highlight and a face to add anything approaching colour.

This did make them very easy to paint, at least. I don't have any immediate plans to use these, although there are a few back-burner projects that they'll be handy for at some point. Mainly I just felt like painting something different! I did show the photos to Kieron and caused him to start muttering about 7TV, so they may show up at some point...

Anyway, numbers!

Painted: 97
Acquired: 92

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Don't sink my battleship!

Well, we're still in Dropfleet Commander territory. A weird side effect of our group all backing the Kickstarter campaign is that it's allowed for a painting arms race, as we all have a lot of ships to put together at the same time.

However, I have something of an ace up my sleeve... in that it was my birthday in January. My parents, kind souls that they are, went through the list I gave them, and followed the carefully prepared instructions. Then, due to circumstances beyond their control, they were forced to give me an IOU on my birthday, as the item they'd ordered hadn't arrived yet.

But then, after a decent interlude... one of these arrived.

Awwwww yeah.

It's a Diamond Battleship. This is the largest class of ship currently available in the game. More importantly, I'm the first of our group to acquire and paint one of these.

Or, at least, that's what I currently believe, as I write this in late February. However, due to his previous stirling efforts in this field, I have to consider the possibility, even the likelihood, that Pete also has a battleship and is biding his time in order to get a game in with it but not seem too eager.

So now I have to bide my own time, but not leave it too long or Pete really will get one (if he hasn't already) and I'll lose the advantage. Man, this is complicated.

As a bonus, the model comes with two "turret" sections, which you can swap without the need to glue them. This means that I also have the option to use this as a Platinum Supercarrier, with the ability to launch large numbers of fighters and bombers as well as blasting things with massive weapons.

Launchy launchy, shooty shooty

To make this work, the hull part includes a flight deck, which sits under the turret and is partly visible when the model is in "supercarrier" mode. It's pretty well detailed for something you can't really see, so because I'm some sort of idiot, I've painted it too.
Teeny weeny planey things!

So, there you go. I'm pretty sure I'll be fielding this against another ship of the same size, and also that it will be shot down almost immediately, but maybe it will at least draw enough fire to keep the rest of my fleet in the air, or something.

Anyway, it's painted. So that's something...

Painted: 93
Acquired: 92 (increased by one as I finally admit to owning this...)