Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Who remembers Flames of War?

You know, the really popular one with the 15mm World War 2 stuff? That I suddenly stopped playing ages ago for no real reason?

Yeah, this sort of thing

Well, I seem to have remembered it all of a sudden. So here's a couple of AA wagons. More of this sort of thing may well follow!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Teeny Tiny Town!

It's a post! About some stuff I've painted! Those have been a little thin on the ground recently. But never mind, let's not mope, stiff upper lip and so on. 

I've painted some buildings for Black Powder. Since we've been playing American Civil War in 6mm with Black Powder, these are, somewhat obviously, 6mm ACW buildings. 

Here's the first one...

It's a sawmill!
These are from Leven Miniatures. I picked them up at Joy of Six last month.

It's a shack!
Joy of Six was good, as always. Made more interesting this year as we actually had plans to play games in 6mm, so were more invested in what we were looking at.

It's a church!

It's a blockhouse!

It's a forge!
So there you go - I painted stuff! Hopefully at some point in the not too distant future these can grace a table.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Horse Trading

Or something. Sometimes I feel compelled to try to come up with a joke title where none is available.


As I've been banging on about recently, my little group of gamers is planning to play the first scenario from Glory Hallelujah, the American Civil War supplement for Black Powder.

The game is planned for tomorrow, after Joy of Six, so it's convenient that I've finished the models I
need to supply for the game!

Here they are...

The cavalry! The Wilson's Creek scenario gives the Union a single, tiny, cavalry unit, so here it is.


We also need more commanders, so I'm providing two of them:


Glory Hallelujah lets you use commanders on foot... but I don't have any models for that, so I'll be sticking with mounted ones for now.

Oh! Also, I painted some skirmishers for use when changing formations with my infantry regiments. This is them, here:


The Wilson's Creek scenario will be interesting. As the Union force we'll be outnumbered, and the Confederates have a flank attack. However, we can send a brigade to attack the enemy from the rear, so we should be able to achieve something with that - at least use it to prevent a total whitewash!

Tune in next time to see how that works out for us...

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Stating the obvious

More tiny American Civil War stuff!

Pete is now painting Confederates, which will be useful as someone for me to fight.

However, Kieron and Wes appear to be letting the side down.

So, we're stepping down our plans a little. We were intending to tackle the first scenario in Glory Hallelujah. However, the Black Powder rulebook contains a smaller ACW scenario, which we can manage with the forces we have models for. So, I need to get these painted by the 17th.

First step: infantry!

State Troops!

Federal Troops!

The state troops (can't remember which states, or be bothered to check. This blog is free, what do you want?) are intended to allow me to pick out units that have different attributes. This was going to be important for the Battle of Wilson's Creek, which we're now not doing yet. Ho hum.

Anyway! Since the scenario needs a picket which starts the game in skirmish formation, I think I have enough infantry!

I still need more commanders, and some cavalry. That should be doable though...

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Limbering up for ACW Black Powder!

More! More! I've painted more (More!) 6mm American Civil War stuff for Black Powder.

And here it is...



Now, you may be wondering, did I paint those just so I could make the lame pun in this post's title?

I couldn't possibly comment.

Monday, 20 June 2016

More Federal Fellas

I'm back!

Hot on the trail of the artillery I posted about last time, here's some more to add to the slowly growing pile of 6mm Union forces for our planned Black Powder outing.

A brigade!

It's a second infantry brigade! I really needed one. With these, I now have something approaching an army that could play a game by itself, albeit a small one.

I've found more of a rhythm with these than I did the last time I did any painting of them, so motoring through some more should hopefully be pretty straightforward.

Just a short post... back to it then!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The North Rises! Very, very slowly...

Right, I'm back again, strap in!

You may recall, if you've been avidly following this blog (and why on Earth wouldn't you be?) that as a group we started a 6mm American Civil War project an embarrassing amount of time ago.

It was then somewhat ruined by Pete secretly painting everything and rendering everyone else's efforts somewhat pointless. 

Still, we'd all bought the models, and Black Powder, our system of choice, is a good game. So when the ACW supplement came along for Black Powder, and Warlord sent us all a £10 voucher for not buying anything from them for a while, we leapt into action and immediately started bickering over what we should do next. Then we bought the book.

And a very nice book it is too!
It contains, amongst other things, some scenarios with worked out army lists. Pete is unavailable for weekend gaming throughout June, but we've agreed to tackle the first scenario, Wilson's Creek, on his return. 

This simply requires that we prepare Union forces of about five times the strength we had available the last time we played, so that should be no problem at all...

To that end, I've done these:

Boom! Bang! And so on!
Alright, these weren't hugely difficult, but I can now remember what colours I was using to paint these models, and we've got artillery now if nothing else.

It may very well be that we don't get everything done in time (but don't tell Pete). However, adding anything at all to this project is good, and there's no reason we can't play at least something with whatever forces we end up with.

So keep watching here to see what that is!