Sunday, 20 November 2016

Bringing out the Big(ger) Guns

Me again! I know, you just get yourself settled, and then I come crashing in and waving things I've painted around the place, like a small child desperate for approval.

This time, the thing I'm waving round and asking you to look at is for Bolt Action - since the release of version 2 we've had a few games, and it's rekindled my interest in painting my French army. That's a good thing, as I still have a fair pile of models to paint for it.

Top of that pile turned out to be this...

Over there!

A medium howitzer!

Or maybe over there!

I wanted one of these since it's a larger gun that the French force can take for free, but Warlord don't make a model for it. This one is actually from Mad Bob Miniatures (who incidentally seem to have a growing range of French stuff) with crew from Great War Miniatures - so the crew are actually from the wrong war, but I don't think it's too obvious, and there's not exactly a wealth of WW2 French gun crew models available.

It seems I may have inspired Pete to go out and get an even bigger gun in response, so I'll have to get this onto the table before he has a chance to counter it - even though, as a new unit, it's most likely to be destroyed before it fires a single shot...

Thursday, 3 November 2016

More Dropfleet Commander Shaltari

Alright, that title is a little utilitarian, but I've painted some more Dropfleet Commander Shaltari!

So let's have a look at them then.

First up, we have, er, some frigates.


Accompanying these is, erm, some other sort of frigates. I've forgotten what they're called.

Also pointy, but somewhat flatter!

So now I have a very small fleet! These are all of the models I have so far since I'm still waiting for my Kickstarter pledge to arrive, but having these done already means I'm slightly ahead of the curve when everything else finally gets here.

Things of various descriptions!

Also notice that I don't have enough bases yet! I'm sure that will be rectified at some point, but since I can't actually play any games yet, it's not really a priority.

Right, now what?

Thursday, 20 October 2016

A new project!

As a man in possession of approximately 4 tonnes of unpainted models in his garage, the last thing I need is a new project that adds more stuff to the pile.

So, of course, that's exactly what I've got.

Last year I, along with the rest of our little gaming group, backed the Dropfleet Commander kickstarter, which is now shipping. I'm still waiting for my box (which will contain way more models than I need), but Wes has his, and has kindly handed over the Shaltari ships so I can get started with painting.

And start I have!

These turn out to be a bit easier to paint than I was expecting - as they're plastic, the details aren't as deep as on resin models. Normally that would make things harder, but I've been finding that with the Dropzone Shaltari the most time-consuming part is basecoating the vast areas of intricate detail on each model. So, weirdly, it's a relief to have less well-detailed models to paint for a change.

I have another 4 ships to paint at the moment. As far as I know, not having any rules yet, that's not enough for a game, but at least I'll not be starting completely from scratch when more of them turn up...

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A Spot of Armour...

Why hello there! It's Tuesday night, so clearly it's time for six German tanks. That's convenient, because that's what I've painted.

Command StuG!

Even though I have no immediate plan to play Flames of War, I decided to finish of the Germans I've had sitting around for ages.

Non-command StuGs!

These don't give me a new army or anything, but I've at least got more support options for my Panzerpionierkompanie now. Maybe they can lose slightly less often than they used to before!


Of course, that will mean playing some Flames of War, which I don't have any immediate plans to do, so it's back in the cupboard with these for now. I'm sure they'll eventually make an appearance though, so it's good to have them finally done.

Command Panther!

So, what's next?

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Who remembers Flames of War?

You know, the really popular one with the 15mm World War 2 stuff? That I suddenly stopped playing ages ago for no real reason?

Yeah, this sort of thing

Well, I seem to have remembered it all of a sudden. So here's a couple of AA wagons. More of this sort of thing may well follow!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Teeny Tiny Town!

It's a post! About some stuff I've painted! Those have been a little thin on the ground recently. But never mind, let's not mope, stiff upper lip and so on. 

I've painted some buildings for Black Powder. Since we've been playing American Civil War in 6mm with Black Powder, these are, somewhat obviously, 6mm ACW buildings. 

Here's the first one...

It's a sawmill!
These are from Leven Miniatures. I picked them up at Joy of Six last month.

It's a shack!
Joy of Six was good, as always. Made more interesting this year as we actually had plans to play games in 6mm, so were more invested in what we were looking at.

It's a church!

It's a blockhouse!

It's a forge!
So there you go - I painted stuff! Hopefully at some point in the not too distant future these can grace a table.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Horse Trading

Or something. Sometimes I feel compelled to try to come up with a joke title where none is available.


As I've been banging on about recently, my little group of gamers is planning to play the first scenario from Glory Hallelujah, the American Civil War supplement for Black Powder.

The game is planned for tomorrow, after Joy of Six, so it's convenient that I've finished the models I
need to supply for the game!

Here they are...

The cavalry! The Wilson's Creek scenario gives the Union a single, tiny, cavalry unit, so here it is.


We also need more commanders, so I'm providing two of them:


Glory Hallelujah lets you use commanders on foot... but I don't have any models for that, so I'll be sticking with mounted ones for now.

Oh! Also, I painted some skirmishers for use when changing formations with my infantry regiments. This is them, here:


The Wilson's Creek scenario will be interesting. As the Union force we'll be outnumbered, and the Confederates have a flank attack. However, we can send a brigade to attack the enemy from the rear, so we should be able to achieve something with that - at least use it to prevent a total whitewash!

Tune in next time to see how that works out for us...