Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Results for August

Right then! End of August, let's see where we got.

First off, the target was the baggage train, which was finished and showcased in the last post.

Then, I did the extra models I listed in order to fill the remaining gaps on infantry bases (this ended up being 4 hastati, 4 principes and 5 triarii)

Then, as an added bonus, 8 musicians! I already had 8 of these painted up to use as disorder markers for Impetus. With the extra 8 done I now have 16, which allows most of my army to get disordered. Sadly, this is all too likely.

Next month's target is going to have to be small as I'm going to have very little time for painting. So, I'm going for 7 SWAT officers, 5 criminals, and a couple of pieces of furniture. All of this is for Flashbang, the close quarter battle game I've been writing. More on that soon!

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