Sunday, 13 November 2011


Yep, there's been some.

If you remember, I had two goals for the month - getting ready for the Saga tournament today, and preparing enough bits and pieces to allow Flashbang to played at the club, which requires some terrain.

I've already posted about the Saga stuff, so let's have a look at what I've been doing towards Flashbang.

Because I want to get a reasonable amount of table ready scenery done fairly quickly, I've been using some cardstock pieces that I've found available for free on the internet.

These are from Germy I think - the little booth on the left I changed by copying on more windows to obscure some 40k related parts that aren't appropriate for modern day scenery.
I've also made half a dozen of these ISO containers - these are very easy to do, so they're going to be the main part of the terrain set I use for the first few games at the club. The plan is to have at least twice this many (probably more than that) as they can then be set up in almost any configuration to create various closed off sections which suit what I'm trying to achieve in Flashbang.
The cars are 1:43 scale - the Jag on the left is actually an employee of the month award I won last year at work, just happens to be ideal for this... at some point in the future I might weather the mini a little, but for now it's table ready, which is all I want to achieve for the moment.

Then I got bored of cardstock buildings, so I started work on these extra criminals, and the hostages. Getting the hostages done would be a big help as it will allow rescue scenarios.

These parts (all from Ainsty Castings) are all the "outdoor" bits that I want to get done. The dumpster, pile of rubbish and SWAT van shouldn't be too hard, but I'm going to try to get some real logos onto the vending machines, so who knows how well that will go... I'd really like to get these done by the end of the month, but I've got less free time than I normally would so I doubt I'll manage it. Still, doesn't hurt to try!

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