Friday, 16 December 2011

More Flashbang playtesting!

Very grainy iPhone picture of a SWAT team about to fail to storm a compound

As promised, I played another game of Flashbang on Thursday night, this time against Pete. I'd made a couple of rule changes since the previous game, mainly around simplifying the effect of noise on shooting - now it makes it easier to hit a target, rather than the over complicated attempt to evade that I used to have.

It went really well! We played a couple of games of a hostage rescue scenario. In both games I (playing as SWAT) lost, but both were close, and both were tense, as we tried to outmaneuver one another. As I discussed last time I gave Pete more time to read the plan board before we started, and he used this to good effect during the game.

The only things left to do to the rules now seem to be tweaks, which is very promising. I'll get to working on the actual faction details later.

Pete suggested that not using the rules for vehicles (I just placed them as terrain) would probably help the SWAT team, and I'm inclined to agree - with the ability to redeploy some or all of the team, they could affect an entry from two points at once, which would give them a much better chance of using their abilities. So that's what I want to try next time, which might be over Christmas. Kieron has written some rules for Very British Civil War which we're planning to try out on Thursday, so I doubt we'll also get to play Flashbang then.

For the VBCW game I'll need to get some models painted! I've worked on them today and have them just about basecoated, I'll probably only have time to finish that off before Thursday's game, but at least they'll be available...

I've also been working on Flashbang terrain, so at some point there'll be pictures of that too.

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