Wednesday 21 March 2012


Hurrah and hurray! I have done some more painting, and shall now reveal the results to you, in this mind-blowing update. 

Here we go.

Drumroll please...

It's a horse.

His name is Alan. His voice sounds scratchy, because he's a little horse.

Now, some of you are probably thinking "Matt, you appear to have lost all sense of proportion, and, dare I say, decency. There's not really any justification in writing an entire blog post around the painting of a single horse, even one as admittedly majestic as that one". I suppose I should therefore try to justify myself a little.

The Conquest plastic Norman Knights box, for reasons known to its manufacturer but not to me, comes with 15 knights but only a dozen horses. So, if you can locate more horses you can make more knights, which is what I did and rambled about in a previous post.

But then! You come across the second problem, which is that Saga units need either 4 or 8 models. So 15 ain't that useful, because it's one shy of two units of warriors, or four (count 'em!) units of hearthguard. 

So, knowing I'm not the only WFC member to have this box, I've found a source of another spare rider in Kelly, and I was supplied with an extra horse by the very generous Aneurin (who is also gratifyingly gracious in defeat at Blood Bowl. Good job really, since everyone beat him).  

Kelly is a man of many impressive qualities, but sadly, remembering stuff isn't among them, and so far I haven't received the spare rider, and was facing the unappetising prospect of being a warrior short once I actually fight someone in the club Saga campaign.

Since I had the horse already, I'm enjoying painting Normans and I wanted to have units ready to use, I've decided to go for an unmounted horse in the unit until I get and paint the knight to ride him. So Alan will have his glory, even if it comes with the dubious honour of being the first model removed as a casualty in every game.

Ok, that's probably the most I've ever written about a single model, and it turns out to be an unmounted horse. Since you, the reader, are probably feeling a bit cheated at this point, you can have a gratuitous picture of the Norman warband so far...

Can you spot Alan hiding at the back?


  1. "(who is also gratifyingly gracious in defeat at Blood Bowl. Good job really, since everyone beat him)."

    Not everyone... hey Kieron? ;)

  2. I feel sorry for Alan as he'll be downgraded to random mount 16 when he has his rider...

    1. Hmmm, you're right. I'll have to come up with some way to signify his unique status once the rider is there.

  3. You can't goad me about that Dr A, Blood Bowl is a stupid game for losers. That's why I'm not playing in the league any more.

  4. Couldn't you model some coconut shells onto the riders without mounts?

    1. But I don't have any riders without mounts!