Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Office Rocker

The wargamer's butterfly effect strikes again!

I've had very little time for painting so far this month, having been away for a week already. As I was away I was contemplating Flashbang, and when I got back I found I wasn't so keen to keep painting Normans. Since I still have a fair amount of furniture to paint, and I want to get some games going at the club, I've returned to the office furniture I started work on way back in 2011.
The Ainsty Castings chap loves me

What with Triples coming up at the weekend, I feel I have to get these painted before I can go back to the Ainsty Castings stand, too...

I've been trying to keep them as a fairly well matched set, so that they make sense together - I've been doing this with a base coat of Vallejo Brown Sand, followed by a drybrush of Iraqui Sand. I apply the drybrush in a single direction, the idea being to simulate that fake laminate woodgrain effect that you see in dreary offices the world over.

To guarantee a low score this month, I'm changing my target to "as much Flashbang terrain as possible". That's so vague (and in fact I could easily claim to have already done it) that I doubt I'll get any points. Still, if it gets it done, that's good enough for me!


  1. Sweet! They look really good.

  2. Is that the blue screen of death on that computer?

    1. Yes it is, you win a special geek bonus point!