Saturday, 26 October 2013

Zomtober! Post Four - The Big Finish

For the final week of Zomtober, I decided to round things off with something a little different - a giant mutated zombie in the style of the "tanks" from Left 4 Dead, amongst others.

I can remember buying this model from Triples, but I can't remember which year, or who the manufacturer was! I do remember that he's intended to me Mr Hyde from a VSF range of some sort.
Good job he bought those extra large trousers before he got bitten

I decided that I didn't want this model to look like another zombie only bigger, so I gave him a more normal skin tone (it is a little lighter than normal but without the green or brown tinge I've given the others) and red eyes with yellow pupils - you might just be able to make that out in the picture.

I also finally managed to settle on a basing system, so all the zombies I've painted so far are now based!


As I said last time, I've got a lot out of this project, it's been set at just the right level to keep me motivated and I've been able to exceed the goals even with limited painting time. I'd like to thank Pulp Citizen, Brummie Thug and Rob of Four Colour Super Minis for instigating Zomtober, Kieron for drawing my attention to it, and all the other Zomtoberists for posting their models and keeping me interested. 

Since this has worked out well for me I'm going to move on to Napvember next, so watch this space for details of that!


  1. Nice job the zombie tank is ace!

  2. Nice way to finish off. It's good to see that you managed to get the bases done.

  3. Kudos; the final addition is great and the horde looks excellent together. :)

    Now you are going to have to explain Napvember!

  4. What a powerfull figure to end this month! Really great paintjob!