Friday, 5 September 2014

The Challenge - Some Planning

They say that if you want to hear God laugh, you should tell Him your plans.

Fortunately, I've checked my followers list and the almighty isn't amongst them, so I've decided that it's safe to lay out my plans for the Challenge without too much risk of chuckling deities.

Since I have six months, you'd think I would have time to get through quite a lot, but I've seen how quickly I paint, so I'm not going to get suckered in and suggest I'm going to get loads done. 

I'm going to try to focus on some of the projects that have sat around and either barely been started or never got out of the blocks at all, so my plan at this stage is:

September: Get through enough of my modern PLA to finally try out Force on Force. I've had the book since January but have yet to do anything with it.
These are basically done. I just have to add every colour after the first.
October: Zomtober! I painted a respectable horde of zombies last year, so this year I'm going to focus on the survivors I think. Figuring out some way to play a game with them at last would be nice.
November: Napvember! I did this last year and got a dozen napoleonics done. If I can repeat that success this year, I should be able to finally play some napoleonic skirmish games (noticing any kind of theme)?
January, February, March: Not sure yet! I'll either carry on with whichever of the projects above I was enjoying the most, or go for something completely new (riot police? Modern US Army? The Hobbit?), or, you know, something else. I don't want to have things too planned out because I'll be honestly surprised if I stick to the plan for the first three months.

I think I'll also throw in a few wildcards here and there, either to finish something off that I've already started or just for a change.

So there you go. It's a pretty rough outline, and I can only hear the faintest of omnipotent giggles, so I think I might be able to get at least to November before it all goes wrong...


  1. At the end of Zomtober do you want to try out the All Things Zombie Day One Scenario? Basically you create an avatar of yourself and try to survive the first day of the outbreak. It gives you/us something to aim for and could be fun.

    1. Yes! I think we were planning to do this last year and failed. We're good at talking about big projects...

  2. In the military, we have a saying, "plans survive til first contact with the enemy". I'm also going to be surprised if my plans/goals for the challenge happen, but at least it provides a bit of guidance.

    Wild cards are good! I've got lots!

    Force on Force is an excellent ruleset, and funnily enough, I also have FoF plans in my challenge plans.

  3. Some really cool goals here.

    Nice to see them listed by project.