Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Starting something new at last!

If I just bluster in here and start writing as if nothing has happened, hopefully no one will notice that it's been two weeks since my inexplicably popular post dismantling the background for Age of Sigmar and I don't have to admit having failed one of the requirements of the 6 Month Challenge. So I'm going to do that.

Having finished the infantry bits for my Bolt Action French, I was forced to put that project on hold until I went to the loft to retrieve a big enough base for the mortar team - meaning that it's agonisingly close to being complete but doesn't quite make it yet. I've since acquired said base and assembled the mortar, but I haven't actually painted it yet, so I'm still just on the cusp of finishing the project and claiming the coveted extra joker (which I don't currently have a use for, but whatever).

Haven't taken a photo of it yet either, so this'll have to do.
It's one of the tiny number of non-Batman-related images you get
if you search for "joker card" on Google Image Search.

While I forced to stop painting French things, I started assembly of my Shaltari force for Dropzone Commander (a game that seems to have almost dropped off the group radar now, but I'm hoping that's temporary). Not had time to do more than that (he says despite having suddenly restarted Fallout New Vegas and spending many hours on that) but here's what's done so far:


With the fiddly exception of the Haven Terragates, these are all nice easy models to put together, which is nice. Experimental painting of those to start soon!

I've also received this beauty in the post:

Random German for scale. It's a big gun.

It's the medium howitzer I ordered for Mad Bob Miniatures a while ago. It's a nice model, but the casting isn't perfect, it needed a touch of trimming and there are parts that haven't quite come out properly. I think it'll all come out when it's painted though, and no one else seems to make one! At some point I'll need to find some crew, and a base big enough for this thing!

On the gaming front, we're supposed to have our first game of Frostgrave on Saturday. This looks interesting, we'll have to see if it's compelling enough to draw us all in for more than a few games. I'll keep you posted, I'm sure you're all enthralled!


  1. That is a BIG gun. Which one is free, that one or the light howitzer?

    1. I can have either of them, or the anti-tank equivalents, for free!

    2. So that means the medium howitzer is the free one. Oh joy.

    3. Indeed it is, until I get a medium anti-tank gun and have to start making decisions...

    4. I've found AT guns miss too often and are quite easily avoided. I'd stick with the howitzer, which can serve as an AT gun in a pinch.

  2. Damn man, another person to tempt me into getting into DZC! ARGH!

    That's a nice howitzer!