Friday, 23 October 2015

Roman Around

Recently, Pete's been very excited by tiny elephants.

He painted up a couple to go with his 15mm Carthaginians, which were part of our Impetus project from a while ago.

Fortunately, I have a 15mm Republican Roman army for Impetus from even longer ago, so we decided to give Basic Impetus a go to ease ourselves back in. This is so quick that we managed two games in an evening!

For once, I remembered to take some photos, although I can't definitively remember what actually happened, so I'll have a look at the photos and guess...

The first game
Roman legions stick together and tentatively
send cavalry and skirmishers forward

Unfortunately this leaves the Carthaginians free to send
cavalry down the flank...

Elephants stomp forward making as much noise as possible

Legionaries brace for elephant impact,
while the levites start throwing things 

Elephants trample the skirmishers and slam into the Roman line,
while the Roman cavalry on the left charges a Gallic warband.
The Roman cavalry on the right had been brought down by javelins by this point.

Cavalry threatens the Roman flank...

...which surges forward to get out of the way, having
eventually brought the elephants down.
More levites move up to try to face this threat.

Eventually enough carnage occurred that both sides routed. A draw!
The second game

We both tried a different setup.
Due to some very good rolls, my cavalry
had a ridiculously successful early charge.

The forces square off, and I forget to take any more pictures.

The second game went much the same as the first - Basic Impetus does make forces less likely to do anything complicated as they can't do multiple moves. Unfortunately, the second time round my force routed when I was 1 point away from breaking Pete's, which I suppose is technically a win for him...

These were very enjoyable games, despite the limitations of Basic Impetus (and the fact that I was playing Pete (hi Pete)). We both agreed that we should move back to the full Impetus rules for future games, so hopefully I'll have something to report on that soon enough.


  1. You lost, deal with it! More Elephants are on the shopping list as well as some other stuff...

  2. So when you say 'draw' about both sides routing, what you mean is that both of you managed to lose at the same time?


    1. Yes, but he lost twice, i only lost once...