Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A Spot of Armour...

Why hello there! It's Tuesday night, so clearly it's time for six German tanks. That's convenient, because that's what I've painted.

Command StuG!

Even though I have no immediate plan to play Flames of War, I decided to finish of the Germans I've had sitting around for ages.

Non-command StuGs!

These don't give me a new army or anything, but I've at least got more support options for my Panzerpionierkompanie now. Maybe they can lose slightly less often than they used to before!


Of course, that will mean playing some Flames of War, which I don't have any immediate plans to do, so it's back in the cupboard with these for now. I'm sure they'll eventually make an appearance though, so it's good to have them finally done.

Command Panther!

So, what's next?


  1. They might give you a new army you know. You're potentially able to do a Schwere Panzerkompanie now. It's not the most balanced force, and would have issues against infantry, but it would wreck a tank company.

    It's something different at least.

  2. I remember that game! Must paint some more British...