Saturday, 28 July 2018

Bits and Pieces

Everyone get ready for a blog post with no real theme or purpose or anything!

Having done the "quick and intensive" route for a while to get my 7TV cast ready for the Apocalypse Day, I've spent some time doing "slow and meandering" instead.

First of all, here's a couple of Napoleonic chaps. I actually started these a few years(!) ago, and came across them in a drawer while I was looking for something else.

"Have you seen a drummer anywhere? He's about this big"

They were actually much easier than I thought they'd be to paint! I think in the intervening time I've developed a bit more patience for this kind of thing. That or my eyesight has deteriorated and I can't tell that they're terrible.

Next, it's... a bit of wall. I got this at Vapnartak this year from a company I hadn't encountered before called Templar Wargames.

I actually really like this piece! It's a nice, simple piece of terrain, and the quality of the casting was great. I had to do very little to get it ready to paint. I also like that it doesn't have anything on it to tie it to any particular period, so I can imagine it on the table for almost any period.

Right, enough gushing. Last thing to roll off the production line is a trip back to one of my longer-running projects - the French in Bolt Action.

As Bolt Action is a platoon-level WW2 game, "three squads and a machine gun" is a pretty obvious place to start, and tends to work pretty well. It's therefore somewhat embarrassing that it's taken me over three years to add a machine gun to this force.

"I'm pretty sure we should have been here earlier"

Still, better late than never. As usual I've separately magnetised the extra crew so I can reflect casualties more easily (something that is useful on a disappointingly regular basis).

It occurs to me that it's been a while since I last played Bolt Action, but I still have a hefty pile of unpainted things for it. I might have a go at tackling that next... and then again I might do something completely different.

That was a great little anecdote, wasn't it?

Anyway, numbers. I've added six more painted models here, so that puts me onto...

Painted: 81
Acquired: -2

The "acquired" total goes up a bit as I picked up a couple of cut-price die cast cars recently, and they're sitting in boxes until I decide what to do with them. Still, the "painted" total went up more, so it's all good!

Right, stand by for something more focused next time... 


  1. Only another two years to go and we can play a half size game of Sharp Practice!

  2. Nicely done. I can understand how you feel white and red are not the funnest of colours to paint and a whole army must be a nightmare to be hold. Keep up the good work.