Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Saxons - First Pictures

So, two things have happened - first, I've finally done something with the Saxons, having put eight of them together. Second, I've taken some pictures, so here we go...

Here they are heroically defending a coffee table. One thing I've discovered is that because of the tiny bases on the bodies, any sort of dynamic pose causes these models to fall over, hence they're all lying down here. I'll be getting some bases for these soon enough, but so I can paint them in the meantime I'll probably stick them together in strips, which I'd normally do with smaller scale models. Hopefully that'll make painting these a little quicker, which would be handy given I don't have too long to get them done, and I'm going to get distracted with lots of other things in the meantime.

I haven't had anything from Wargames Factory before, these look pretty nice. There's a fair amount of detail to them, but what I like most is there's a great variety on the sprues. There are plenty of weapon options on there, and enough heads that I'll hardly need to do any repeats in making every model from the box. Since the idea for Triples is that the Saxons have been caught off guard by invading Vikings, I like the idea that they aren't organised and have just grabbed whatever weapons were near at hand.

Hopefully I'll get some paint on them soon...

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