Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Competitive Project Finishing!

So, this is a new one for me. At the club we're running a system where we all blog about our painting progress, setting ourselves a goal each month and reporting on how we get on towards it. We each put in a quid each month, and rate everyone else out of 10 at the end of the month for how they got on. The highest scorer each month wins the pot, which they then put towards their project.

So it fits in neatly with my aims in starting this blog as it should encourage me to get things finished, and hopefully I'll get some useful feedback too. Or I'll just get abuse, but at least people will be reading this nonsense.

I'm going to swap between a few projects as there are several that I want to get done, and I'm starting by finishing off my 15mm republican Romans that I covered in earlier posts in this blog.

So then. I've missed the first six weeks of this endeavour by getting married and going on honeymoon, so I'm starting mid way through the second month. I need a fairly simple goal that I can manage in a couple of weeks, so my goal for July is to paint a unit of Hastati and a unit of Triarii to add to the penal legion. I'm actually not at all sure how quickly I can do this, so I'm as interested as anyone to find out whether that's really ambitious or I'm ridiculously low-balling my goal for the month...

To prove these aren't already painted, here's a picture of the models still in the bags (although I do already have the bases ready)...

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