Monday, 25 July 2011

Mission Accomplished!

Phew! I've reached my goal for the first month of the "Tale of Gamers" project. I'm ahead of time in terms of the competition rules, but I doubt I'll get much more time in the next week as real life will get in the way, but I've basically done what I set out to, plus a little bit more.

So here's what I've managed:


Triarii (in a slightly weird focus because owning an expensive camera hasn't made me a great photographer)

Principes (a slight cheat as only the officer is new this month, and the shield on the front rank needs re-inking)

The Penal Legion ready for action!

There is a little bit more to do here - the principes need tidying up a little, but they weren't part of the goal for the month anyway. Everything needs varnish, and then I'll add some flock and foliage, but these are definitely table ready now.

I've certainly learnt something this month, which is that I paint slower than I think! The same thing bit me a little with the Saxons, but having a smaller more measurable goal has really driven the point home. I got these done but it meant more time at the painting desk than I planned, and I can't keep this up long term and maintain a real life. So I'm abandoning my real life... sorry, what's that dear? Oh. According to my wife, I'm cutting back on the goal for next month instead.

This will actually be a good thing for you, the lucky reader, as I didn't get time to update the blog while painting this time round and I want to do more of that. So, there will be a post next weekend to confirm my entry for the monthly judging (should have these finished off properly with any luck), and in that I will announce the goal for next month. But for now, here's a teaser...

What can it mean?


  1. It's a camp, isn't it? You need one of those for Impetus don't you?

  2. If its a camp surely there would be a latrine?

    I like the Romans Matt. I am tempted to start a new system and looked at the 28mm ones but while I like the figures I don't think I can bring myself to play Italians...

  3. I always expect Romans to be red...

  4. It's sort of a camp, see the next post! :)

    As for red Romans... I guess you mean the shields? Yes, that seems to be the convention, but there's no real reason for it as far as I can tell. That's really why mine have blue shields, to make them different. I'm like that.