Friday, 29 July 2011

July's Submissions

Here we go then - my official submission for the Tale of Gamers doodad for July.

The objective was to get the hastati and triarii penal legion from my Republican Romans finished. I've managed to do that and finish of the principes as well, and just to finish off I made a little command marker to show where a general is. I now have three of these so I can use three commands, which is a nice little tactical option for Impetus.




And Bully's special prize... a command marker

Since posting this morning I had time while my burglar alarm was being serviced (truly I know how to live) to build up the sides of the road on my baggage train and stick on the camel and baggage. I might stick the mounted officer to the base before painting him as well, but otherwise I want to paint the models before I attach them to the base.

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