Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Baggage Train Progress

This is just a quick post to give an update on how I'm doing with this month's goal, the baggage train.

I'm actually doing better than I expected - I have most of the models on foot painted now:

From left to right: the senator, 2 slave girls, and 3 lictors
The only foot model unpainted is the drover, and I'm still undecided about using him.

These will be added to the base individually and then the ground around them filled in, once I've done the models already on the base. Speaking of which, I've added some putty to the base, leaving space for the other models to go on, and started painting the models already glued there:
It's not easy deciding what colour to paint a camel

I think I've decided against sticking the mounted Greek on before he's painted.

So this leaves me with the following to do:

1 ) Finish off the camel and the baggage on the base
2 ) Put the foot models onto the base
3 ) Model the base around each of the foot models
4 ) Paint the cart and oxen
5 ) Put the cart and oxen on the base
6 ) Paint and stick on the drover if I use him
7 ) Model the base around the cart
8 ) Paint the base
9 ) Stick on foliage etc.
10) Varnish

Shouldn't be too hard, surely?

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