Saturday, 20 August 2011

Time moves on...

... and we're now two thirds of the way through August. Fortunately, I think I'm more than two thirds of the way through my objective of completing the Baggage Train.

At the moment I've got most of the models onto the base, and most of the base is itself modelled up and painted. I still need to finish off the contents of the cart, and probably add some ink to the oxen. I also need to paint the mounted officer (I'm doing him in the same colours as the rest of the army, so it's going to be a bit ambiguous what his status is - prisoner? Advisor? General? This is exactly as planned since I want it to "make sense" whoever I play against).

I have decided to increase my own workload slightly and include the drover model, which I trimmed a little to make him seem less "medieval". It just seemed wrong to have the cart moving along without anyone steering it. I'll hide him alongside one of the oxen so I don't think he'll draw the eye much.

So, my workload, with just over a week left (although not much free time unfortunately!) is:

Finish the contents of the cart
Ink the oxen
Paint the drover
Finish the mounted officer
Stick on the drover, officer, and two remaining lictors
Model up and paint the rest of the base
Varnish everything
Add foliage

Shouldn't be too hard provided I can find time to work on it, and leads nicely to a game I have scheduled with these guys on the 1st of September...

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