Tuesday 9 August 2011

Well, since everyone else is...

Seeing as Kieron and Rich have been talking about the rules they're writing, I'll add something about mine.

So... I'm writing some rules called Flashbang. This started out as an idea to be able to do small-scale SWAT team actions, but now I suspect I'll end up with all sorts of variants. Topically, I've bought some rioters and riot police (I actually bought these a while ago, but only started putting them together on Saturday, shortly before the London riots started. Spooky, eh?), so I'm going to try to work out some rules for those too, but that's probably a different game altogether.

Anyway, Flashbang. I've tried to come up with a way to handle SWAT and suspects surprising each other while the players can still see everything. I played a test game with Kieron last week which has led to me seeing some areas that need change... and there's another test game scheduled for the weekend, so hopefully I can make some more progress with it.

And, just to keep me busy, I'm also running an RPG campaign at the moment which I've set in modern day Sheffield and have to write before each session... 

That enough excuses for my slow painting yet?


  1. Is that test game with me? Cos I'm away this weekend...

  2. Fortunately it's with Paul Hickin, who was interested in all this long before a Johnny come lately such as yourself!