Thursday 29 September 2011

Pulled it out of the bag!

You see what you've done to me? I'm so keen to meet targets now that I actually took the afternoon off work to get these finished!

Well, I had some hours built up and needed to use them. But it's nearly the same!

I have to confess I suffered some "target drift" as I went through the month. Basically, I realised I actually have 12 SWAT (instead of 11 like the target post says, so that's a bonus, extra points please) and instead of mucking about with the Mini I made 3 shipping containers to use as terrain.

Here we go:

Here's everything all together in a lovely pose...
I'm very pleased with the results I've got here, apart from on the Caucasian flesh I haven't used any inks, it's all highlighted up. This is very unusual for me, it's really the first time I've tried it so it's not perfect but I'm really happy. It's definitely more time consuming than using ink but the results are much much nicer.

The criminals, with the shadow of my lens because I'm a brilliant photographer
 As you can see, I haven't based these. Basically, this is because nothing I've tried seems to work, so I'm going back to the drawing board. They'll be based when I come up with something that works!

The SWAT team, slightly out of focus and with lens shadow (I really do rock at photography)

Check out my freehand work! If I never have to write the word "POLICE" again it'll be too soon

The criminals give a curtain call

Close up on the big boss fella (who has a Luger for some reason)

Nice focus work there, genius

And there's a bit of freehand work. I'm pleased with that too - it looks better in the flesh than on these blown up photos, and it's definitely something I'll try more of in future. So, you know, look out for that. Or don't, I suppose.

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  1. Dammit! You've thrown all my scoring out now! Joking aside they look really good, well done!