Saturday, 1 October 2011

October's Target

Here we go then, new month, unseasonably warm weather, time for a new target!

Since I finally got around to playing 8th edition of Warhammer, I've been rebitten by the fantasy bug. I've been an Empire player for several years and already have a large painted Nuln army. However, one thing I've wanted for ages but haven't done yet is a converted war altar.

I previously started making one that would be held as a litter by flagellants, but that always slightly annoyed me as the altar is a chariot and having flagellants charge at the same speed of horses isn't right!

As I was looking for something else I came across a selection of bits of the old metal Steam Tank model in my modelling studio (alright, back bedroom) and was struck with the inspiration to create a steam driven war altar. Makes sense with the speed of the thing and getting impact hits, and fits in with the Nuln theme a bit better as well.

So, the target is to turn this heap of bits:

Play "spot the sprue" and win, er, nothing really

into a painted War Altar. I'm also aiming to have the SWAT and Criminals I painted in September based up - I'm going to give up on the "indoor" look and make them look like they're on tarmac instead.

Oh, and for an added challenge, I have to go to Germany for a week for work during October, so time's going to be a bit limited...


  1. Looks like a nice pile of useful items. Look forward to the completed conversion.

  2. I'll have a root and see if I can find more of the monk-like heads in my Bretonnian bits - having novices stoking the engine would be cool.

  3. Nuln? Looks like Forgeworld are trying to tempt you...

  4. I've seen it, not nice enough to get £70 (!) out of me though...