Monday, 3 October 2011

Some progress, and a haul from Derby

Unusually, I've got myself into gear, and actually done something early in the month. So, the Steam Altar is underway!

As you might be able to tell, I've used the roof of the steam tank for the base of the front of the altar - this is where the Arch Lector will be standing. At the rear is the boiler and wheels from the steam tank, which will show the furnace part which is normally inside the finished model. Then I've extended the whole thing to allow a model to stand stoking the boiler and remove the idea that the arch lector would otherwise have to keep turning round and shoveling coal during the battle. 

A bonus point to anyone that can tell me where the rails on the side of this bit come from!

Now, more interesting stuff. I went to Derby Worlds yesterday, and of course spent some money. This is what will be distracting me as I try to remain focused on October's targets.

First off, some buildings from Sarissa Precision. I love these! I've actually got another floor coming in the post - the floors all lift off, and are interchangeable between the two buildings. These will definitely be November's target.

Then, since I got a free copy of Saga for my playtesting services for the Triples game, I also got a free Viking:

And I foolishly went to the Ainsty Castings stand again - so got a security desk:

.... and some baggage for Saga:


  1. Thanks for buying me loads of scenery for POW!

    Are those bits on the altar from the War Wagon?

    Also, I don't need those flagellants now, I assume they might make good stokers.

  2. They are indeed from the war wagon. I bought about half of one many years ago from the emporium, never got round to reconstructing it, and then they dropped out of the rules anyway.

    I'm actually thinking free company for the stoker, which means sacrificing an already painted model (well I'm not likely to go and buy one!)...

  3. I have a suitable stoker model you can have :)

  4. Excellent! Although since I don't know if I'll be able to go to Rich's next weekend this may pose a problem...

    So, er, please give it to Kieron if you see him. Yeah, that'll do. Thanks!

  5. Cheers for the models Lee, I'll post on here once I've done something with them...