Tuesday, 28 February 2012

February's Painting Results

Another month has been and gone! Let's have a look at what I managed to get painted then...

To refresh your memory (or if you didn't read the previous posts, to just tell you), my targets for this month were to paint the first unit for my Saga Normans, and to paint the first bits of my Very British Civil War force, the Handsworth Volunteers. In keeping with my resolutions, I also needed to complete a wild card of some sort.

As I've reported in previous posts, I got the Normans and Volunteers done without too much trouble:

This left me some time to move onto wildcards, but not a lot - I lost a week to a last minute work trip abroad (not that I can complain too much about a free trip to 25 degree sunshine in February!) but I had a definite plan for what I wanted to do, and I stuck to it.

At the moment, I'm very keen on the British Civil War idea, and I picked up some extra pieces for this at Vapnartak. This included a few Great War Miniatures packs, so I started painting those. I'm intending to use these mostly as a new faction for VBCW, allied to the Handsworth Volunteers, called the Swallownest Socialist Briade. There'll be more on them in another post, but for now here are the models I got painted:

Death from afar in the form of a sniper

18-Pounder Artillery Piece - that should show those fascists a thing or two!

Artillery Crew at the ready

Spiritual support in the form of a chaplain

Officer with a shotgun - this model will probably lead the Swallownest Socialists

A Tommy with a football!

I also did some minor conversions to create a unit of cavalry for the Handsworth boys...

Ready for the charge

These are some Perry French Dragoons, which I also got from Vapnartak at the bring and buy tables (the chap selling them had them listed for £10. I asked if they were complete, and he said they were except for the bases. He didn't let me say the words "that's ok, I'll be using different bases anyway" before he lowered the price to £8...).

To try to match the Handsworth Sword Dancers' uniforms a bit better I cut the hilt guards off the swords, and used some heads with German WW2 forage caps, having cut the peaks off the caps. It's a fairly simple change but I'm hoping that with the painting done it won't be too obvious.

With all the VBCW I've done so far there's a bit more I'd like to do to really finish them off, but I wanted to get them ready for a game on Thursday so I'm happy that they can be used for that now.

There's also another VBCW unit I've done this month but I'm not showing here - this will be a surprise on the table on Thursday night...

As March is about to start I also need targets for that.  Seems best to keep with what I'm interested in at the moment, which is Saga and VBCW. So, targets are to paint the Sword Dancer cavalry, build some Sword Dancer infantry, and paint another unit of Normans. As always there should be another wild card as well!

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