Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Zomtober! Post One - Dave the Zombie

As I've mentioned on many a previous post, my time is limited these days, and getting myself in front of a PC or similar long enough to write a blog post is tricky. So feel free to imagine as you read this that it's a story being told to you very quickly by someone who is out of breath, and will need to run off for a bus or something as soon as they're done talking.

Anyway. I've signed up to be part of Zomtober 2013, which means I need to paint at least one zombie or survivor each week during October.

Here's the first one! He's called Dave. He's not properly based yet because I'm currently in the middle of a basing dilemma and may well choose to remount him on something else!

As you may be able to tell, he's one of the much-maligned Wargames Factory male zombies. I was actually very keen on these when they were first released, as they did seem to be filling a gap in the market at the time for cheap modern zombie models. Not that this keenness translated into me actually painting the things.

The problems are that 1) the poses are a bit unnatural, and repetitive even thought these are multi-part models, and 2) the details aren't well defined, so it's hard to pick much out in the painting (although some of my fellow Zomtober bloggers are disproving that and making me look bad. I'd like to ask them to not paint quite so well in future, please).

But not to fret, he's a zombie, and he's done. I have more zombies to paint (and I'd like to do more than one a week, but like I said, time is a scarce resource for me) but I also have both the male and female Wargames Factory Apocalypse Survivors which are luring me into some survivor painting too - so we'll see what I actually tackle for next time.


  1. So Dave is Patient Zero.

    I like the clothes, but I think he needs eyes. Keep it up so we can merge hordes for some multiplayer silliness.

  2. Nice interpretation and like the idea of him being PZ! If i'm honest they aren't easy to paint having done a handful myself. Just use them as cheap fodder for gaming and if you take pics get some of the better zombie miniatures and use them for the photo shoot instead :D

  3. A Zombie called Dave; sounds like a Johnny Cash song from another reality! Good luck settling on your basing choice. :)