Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Faustian Pact

January certainly seems to be motoring on, it's only the 4th but here I am with more painted models!

This time, it's a collection of Volkssturm/partisans with panzerfausts. 

These will be dotted about in the partisan force, to give units the ability to assault tanks without passing an orders test first. In the German list I have the option of taking four fausts in a single unit, so that might make it feasible to actually fire the things. 

Anyway, this will probably be it for the "civilians with guns" painting for a while. I've used my second mountain reduction challenge joker (the first got me some as yet untouched mounted riot cops), and ordered a starter French army, again for Bolt Action. I used money I got for Christmas, so I reserve the right to claim this doesn't count later on!

My hope is that painting infantry all in uniform will be a lot quicker. I have 39 men and a gun to get through, so it would be very helpful to be proved right on that score. 

Stay tuned to find out!


  1. Looking good! Civilian stuff can be a hassle to paint - all those colours and having to make things a bit random...

  2. They're nice. And I suspect that turning some of your pistol armed models into tank hunters could actually be quite effective as you'll have the numbers to make it relatively effective.

    Painting uniformed models is really quick. Find a suitable spray as a base and you're half way there.

  3. I thought you still had to pass a morale check to assault a tank, you just don't suffer the -3 if you're tank hunters?

  4. You're churning out some cracking stuff Matt. Great posting :-)

  5. Good stuff dude! Some of them would make cool survivors for my Zomb-poc.

  6. I second what Bob said, zombie apocalypse circa 1947?