Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Lead Mountain Reduction Challenge - the Results!

Exciting times indeed! The 6 Month Lead Mountain Reduction Challenge has finished (I think)!

It's time to have a look at what I accomplished.

Things started off well, with a brigade of US Civil War Union fellas. This turned out to be a project that stalled though - no more those have been painted yet, and we've only had one game, which was really just a taster thing.

Still no flags. I even bought some, and now I can't remember where they are.
Then, I focused on my partisans (who have started to moonlight as volkssturm now as well) for a while. All told, I painted 11 men and 3 bomb tokens for those, which helped to round out the force. There's still more to do there, but I think that one's going onto the back burner for now.


I got a bit more paint onto my moderns, painting a fireteam and an officer for my Chinese People's Liberation Army. This actually allowed me to try out Force on Force with Wes, and we'll want to do more of that.


Zomtober made an appearance again, this time with a focus on survivors, so I added Shotgun Suzie, 4 riot cops, and 2 beat officers with a car to the pile.

Finally, my new obsession is the French army for Bolt Action. It's yet to take the field, but it's already the subject of many "hilarious" jokes from Pete and Kieron about surrendering, who are obviously just taking advantage of the fact that it hasn't had the opportunity to beat them yet. I have 500 points of this force ready now, and the models bought to get me to 1000.

The painting for these consists of 18 infantry, an officer, a light howitzer and crew, and a forward observer. I have another 7 models in progress now, but they aren't finished so don't count for the challenge (probably).



Overall then, that's a total of 45 men, 1 woman, 3 tokens and a car in 28mm, plus a 6mm brigade. So, a decent chunk out of the lead mountain, right?

Well, er, no.

In the same period I bought 3 mounted police, 4 SWAT guys, and a total of 54 Frenchmen, 2 guns and a mortar. I was also given a tank for my birthday, and most recently a chap with a shotgun courtesy of Kieron. Warlord customer service weirdness resulted in a second mortar.

The lead mountain actually grew by about 20 models during the lead mountain reduction challenge.


This is why I'm now more determined than ever to stick to my goal for 2015 of painting more models than I buy! Look out for another post, hopefully soon, on how that's going.


  1. D'OH! Of course, think how much worse it would have been if you hadn't been working on the project....

    1. True! And, to be fair, suddenly buying a new army hurt the scores at the end but at least I'm getting on with it and getting the new stuff painted. This time.

  2. Well done for taking part and keeping going with it!

    1. Thanks! Having some rules does help, even if I didn't stick to them - it's good to have something to aim for.

  3. To paraphrase a meme that keeps going around, "But did you have fun?"?! I think ye did a fine job, and all your figures look great!