Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Irritatingly slow progress (Frenchy French French!)

Had to get a bit creative to work the crucial word into the post title there. Hey, remember those 6 partly painted French infantry I posted about a while ago?

Well, I'm still working on them, they've advanced approximately "a bit".

I've really struggled to get any time to paint over the last week or so, and this is as much as I've managed. Still, they're getting there, these now need some ink, and bases.

Just to make matters worse, the end of this project has retreated slightly! For our wedding anniversary last week, Mrs Matt very kindly furnished me with a Panhard 178, which will be very nice for this force in conjunction with my tank - I'm hoping to use one to pin an enemy in place and the other to flank it.

I also spent a joker for the Challenge, buying a medium howitzer from Mad Bob Miniatures. I sort of felt that I had to though - I check every so often and it's the first time that howitzer has been in stock. Medium howitzers are pretty powerful in Bolt Action and the French can take one for free, so getting hold of one is a bit of a no brainer. It doesn't come with crew, but thanks to the detachable crew on my light howitzer and mortar, I can crew the thing with those until I come up with something more permanent.

Plan is still to power through those before starting anything else, but we'll have to see if I stick to that...


  1. Good news about the Panhard and Howitzer. They'll paint up quicker than infantry. You need to get some crew though, it would be shame to not be able to take advantage of French massed artillery - the free unit is in addition to usual minimums isn't it?

    1. It is, so I could have the free gun and still have two others, and the two mortars, in a two-platoon list.

      Boom boom boom boom boom!

  2. Any progress still counts, I'm sure you'll get there.

  3. A fine gift from the missus. Nice camo of an old GW paint bottle in your picture.