Monday, 1 June 2015

Variety, for real this time!

Last time I promised something new, I'll admit that there were still French infantry in the actual post, which may well have been a disappointment for some of my loyal fans, who are sick to the back teeth of the things by now.

Well this time things are different. I mean, it's still WW2 French stuff, but this time it's a tank!

Dinky tank!

A Renault R35 to be precise. This was actually a birthday present, which means it only took me four months to get around to painting it - pretty good going for me.

The commander searches the horizon for anything smaller than his tank

So, getting a tank done has to improve my painting scores, right?


Well never mind, here are the current 2015 scores anway:

Painted: 57 
Bought: 46


  1. A simply wonderful addition and a great paintjob Matt. You've really got that distinctive French camo down to a fine art.

    1. Thanks very much! I played a game with it the other day and found it gets outmaneuvered fairly easily, what with being slow, so a Panhard 178 might be in the offing at some point so they can work together. Which would mean more of that camo!

  2. Blimey! That's...well...something other than blokes in coats. I like it.

    Although is it 1/72? It seems quite small...

    1. It's quite hilariously diminutive. I want to put it next to Pete's Tiger now.

  3. It still amazes me what all you guys can do painting vehicles. I'm absolute rubbish at it. Well done!