Thursday, 3 November 2016

More Dropfleet Commander Shaltari

Alright, that title is a little utilitarian, but I've painted some more Dropfleet Commander Shaltari!

So let's have a look at them then.

First up, we have, er, some frigates.


Accompanying these is, erm, some other sort of frigates. I've forgotten what they're called.

Also pointy, but somewhat flatter!

So now I have a very small fleet! These are all of the models I have so far since I'm still waiting for my Kickstarter pledge to arrive, but having these done already means I'm slightly ahead of the curve when everything else finally gets here.

Things of various descriptions!

Also notice that I don't have enough bases yet! I'm sure that will be rectified at some point, but since I can't actually play any games yet, it's not really a priority.

Right, now what?


  1. Replies
    1. Following the rules is for suckers.

  2. They've got cheat painted all over them!

    1. If I position them correctly they just spell out "Matt wins". Then I win.