Sunday, 20 November 2016

Bringing out the Big(ger) Guns

Me again! I know, you just get yourself settled, and then I come crashing in and waving things I've painted around the place, like a small child desperate for approval.

This time, the thing I'm waving round and asking you to look at is for Bolt Action - since the release of version 2 we've had a few games, and it's rekindled my interest in painting my French army. That's a good thing, as I still have a fair pile of models to paint for it.

Top of that pile turned out to be this...

Over there!

A medium howitzer!

Or maybe over there!

I wanted one of these since it's a larger gun that the French force can take for free, but Warlord don't make a model for it. This one is actually from Mad Bob Miniatures (who incidentally seem to have a growing range of French stuff) with crew from Great War Miniatures - so the crew are actually from the wrong war, but I don't think it's too obvious, and there's not exactly a wealth of WW2 French gun crew models available.

It seems I may have inspired Pete to go out and get an even bigger gun in response, so I'll have to get this onto the table before he has a chance to counter it - even though, as a new unit, it's most likely to be destroyed before it fires a single shot...


  1. I'm not sure a bigger gun is needed. Although, I'm sure a heavy howitzer will happen at some point...

  2. I was thinking that what I needed was to be shelled by heavier artillery.

    Looks great.