Thursday, 29 December 2016

Catching up

Right, let's keep this moving - the "New Year" post will be along before we know it and there's a backlog building up here!

My internet connection was broken for a while, so I haven't been able to post this - ahem - vast array of painting that I've completed recently. So, here it is...

First up, some casualty markers for my French Bolt Action force.

I'm intending to use these to denote units that have lost their NCO (since in Bolt Action that leads to a morale penalty, and it's not particularly easy to pick out the NCO models in my force so I tend not to bother). These are Great War Miniatures so they're actually WW1 models, but the differences aren't too obvious so I'm not going to worry about it.

Next! Back to fantasy, I've based up two units of Empire handgunners for use in Kings of War.

These were used in our big Christmas game this year... and to be honest, the less said about that the better - I'm sure Kieron will have a post about it at some point to explain where it all went wrong for the Empire's side...

Ok, so now I'm up to date, except to mention that my pledge for Dropfleet Commander finally arrived! It doesn't quite have everything in it, but I can start putting more ships together and painting them, so you can expect to see more of that on the way!


  1. That array is vast!

    Painting your own casualties...I'll leave it to Pete to make the obvious comments about the nature of the French army.

    Oh and here's how it all went wrong...

  2. Something about white flags...

    I do liuke your idea about using more character models in normal units. Will be doing that as I have loads for the dwarves!