Sunday, 8 October 2017

Zomtober Week 2

We’ve reached the second Sunday in October. If you don’t believe me, go and check a calendar. I’ll wait. 

As you’re still reading, I’ll assume you’re in agreement vis-a-vis the date (although wait until you realise how many weeks there are until

Christmas, that’s going to blow your mind) and therefore will be happy for me to present my work for the second week of Zomtober. 

Here it is!

Wave your crowbar in the air like you just don't care
That’s right, I’ve just done a single survivor again, and I’m trying to hide that fact with unnecessarily verbose blog posting. 

He’s another plastic Wargames Factory fella. I dithered around what colour to do the jumpsuit, but in the end figured that a prisoner was more use than a mechanic for future games. He also doesn’t have a gun, which tends to be unusual with these models, so he’d fit nicely with the rioters I bought at great expense over six years ago and have yet to paint. 

So, I’ve met the rules of Zomtober for another week, and knocked another model off the to-do pile, both of which are good things. However, my real aim for Zomtober is to complete a secret project! That’s moving fairly nicely, so here’s a bit of a teaser - what could this be all about?
Concrete proof of something or other
One last thing then - my painting total for the year. With another survivor done, that can tick along ever so slightly...

Painted: 156
Acquired: 160

I’m now painfully close to having made no dent whatsoever. So that’s... good, maybe?

Anyway, stick around for next week, who knows what might happen?


  1. Nice job on the survivor. I like the brown staining on the jersey barrier. I have 5 to do myself and was wondering how I could differentiate them a bit

    1. Thanks!
      I spent longer than might normally be expected looking at photos of jersey barriers online. Sometimes I wonder what someone would make of my search history...

  2. Nice idea to make him a prisoner. I've already done a mechanic and was wondering what to do to make further use of that pose in the box.

  3. Love the brush work on the survivor - and he's obviously learned that gunshots attract zeds in All Thing Zombie :-)
    A secret project reveal to look forward to as well! Excellent.

  4. Very nice work on the Survivor Matt. :)

    Can you let me know where the Jersey Barrier is from? Thanks. :)

    1. Thanks!

      The jersey barrier is part of a pack of eight from Fenris Games, they're good for scenic odds and ends like this.

  5. The mini is great work.

    I think you are letting the side down on the figure buying front. Clearly under achieving :)