Sunday, 22 October 2017

Zomtober goes 4th

I've had a bit of a trickier time of it this week. I've not had a much time with the paintbrushes as I'd have liked, so I had to quickly knock out a survivor so I could keep up with the rules. Here he is then...

I've got a gun! And I'm not really sure how to use it!
I'm not particularly thrilled with this model, to be honest. The pose came out kind of weird, for one thing (this is the only angle to photo it from that doesn't look odd) and I was rushing it so the it's not the best paint job I've ever done. 

Still, it meets the rules, and it's good enough for the tabletop, so that'll do!

Next, I've now established a tradition of showing infuriatingly uninformative pictures of my work-in-progress secret project, so here's one for this week.

It's the aesthetic appeal that really draws readers to this blog.

If you can't work out what I'm doing by now, I don't really think I can help you.

Right then, I've painted another model, so the counter ticks inexorably on...

Painted: 159
Acquired: 160

Oooh, but it's tense.


  1. I think I understand, but I can't work out where the chair fits in.

    Never blame yourself for the weirdness of the Wargames Factory poses. Nice work.

  2. I think the pose works okay, and you did a good job with the mini IMHO. :)

  3. He looks perfectly acceptable to me, nice job Sir.

  4. Nice job dude. I must admit out my box of Male Survivors I have painted only one......

  5. Don't be so hard on yourself, he looks pretty good to me. Keep up the good work.