Thursday 31 May 2012

May roundup

It all seems to have been a bit quiet in Sheffield blogland this month - I blame the warm weather making people go outside! No good can come of it you know...

Anyway, since I've been shocking on the posting front myself, it's easy for you to go back and see that I changed this month's target to the weaselly "as much Flashbang terrain as possible".

Here's a tour through my results:

As we approach the bank building we spot two stone seats outside. These were Antenociti's Workshop sofas, but they just seemed the wrong shape for sofas to me, so they became street furniture.

Once inside the lobby, you see an information desk and counter, (from Ainsty Castings) and some corporate red seating (again from Antenociti's Workshop) in case you need to wait...

Moving up to the first floor there are offices, so there's some desks, filing cabinets, (all Ainsty) and more seating (Antenociti's).

There's also the water cooler I bought from the Ainsty stand at Triples! I love that model, it was only £1.50 but there's something genius about the use of clear resin for the bottle...

Going upstairs again we come to a store room.

Then, if we sneak up onto the roof, we can hide amongst the (Antenociti's) air con units.

So there you have it. Not a bad bit of work, and I think I've now got enough furniture done for a decent raid on the bank building, which is what I'm planning for a test game between JP and Craig in a week and a half. I have other bits I'd like to prepare for that too, including some stairs - how do you actually get between the floors otherwise?

Anyway, I always like to do a wildcard to go with my monthly targets and this month was no exception. I had a VBCW game planned against Kieron, so I quickly boshed together a few more freedom fighters (including a boys anti tank rifle which I converted to have a historically appropriate monopod rather than the bipod it came with, and which was in no way a response to Kieron having a tank).

I also made the partner to the High Altitude Marksman's Mount for Extended Range (H.A.M.M.E.R), the Siege Insertion Carrier with Knight's Lance Entry (S.I.C.K.L.E., geddit?). Despite being a barely armoured open topped vehicle, this was pretty useful in our game.

Targets for next month? Well, there's still more to do Flashbang terrain wise, so I'll aim to sort out the interior of the other Sarissa Precision building, get the Warbases warehouse I got at Triples ready for the table, and paint the rest of my Ainsty bits and pieces.

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Office Rocker

The wargamer's butterfly effect strikes again!

I've had very little time for painting so far this month, having been away for a week already. As I was away I was contemplating Flashbang, and when I got back I found I wasn't so keen to keep painting Normans. Since I still have a fair amount of furniture to paint, and I want to get some games going at the club, I've returned to the office furniture I started work on way back in 2011.
The Ainsty Castings chap loves me

What with Triples coming up at the weekend, I feel I have to get these painted before I can go back to the Ainsty Castings stand, too...

I've been trying to keep them as a fairly well matched set, so that they make sense together - I've been doing this with a base coat of Vallejo Brown Sand, followed by a drybrush of Iraqui Sand. I apply the drybrush in a single direction, the idea being to simulate that fake laminate woodgrain effect that you see in dreary offices the world over.

To guarantee a low score this month, I'm changing my target to "as much Flashbang terrain as possible". That's so vague (and in fact I could easily claim to have already done it) that I doubt I'll get any points. Still, if it gets it done, that's good enough for me!