Thursday 24 March 2016

The Trouble with Triples

Last weekend, I had an experience which appears not to have been shared by many others - I attended Sheffield Triples 2016.

I remember the first time I went to Triples, in 2010. It was the first wargames show I'd ever been to, and I was fascinated - I was introduced to an array of traders, games and models I hadn't seen before, and saw loads of games crammed into three halls.

This year's show was... not that. I was still charged £6 to get in, but there were maybe a third of the number of traders I'd seen in my first show. There were a few games on display, but not nearly so many as I'd seen in previous years. For some reason, the three halls were still being used, although everything there would have fit comfortably into one.

A picture from this year's Triples.

There were considerably fewer punters around as well (although someone did manage to almost knock me over with the mandatory massive rucksack they were wearing, so some traditions were maintained).

It's a shame, but a two day show, in the middle of a busy period for shows, that seems to have moved from May to March all of a sudden, and that doesn't appear to advertise anywhere, doesn't seem to be doing all that well these days. Can't think why.