Wednesday 28 June 2017

Don't sink my battleship!

Well, we're still in Dropfleet Commander territory. A weird side effect of our group all backing the Kickstarter campaign is that it's allowed for a painting arms race, as we all have a lot of ships to put together at the same time.

However, I have something of an ace up my sleeve... in that it was my birthday in January. My parents, kind souls that they are, went through the list I gave them, and followed the carefully prepared instructions. Then, due to circumstances beyond their control, they were forced to give me an IOU on my birthday, as the item they'd ordered hadn't arrived yet.

But then, after a decent interlude... one of these arrived.

Awwwww yeah.

It's a Diamond Battleship. This is the largest class of ship currently available in the game. More importantly, I'm the first of our group to acquire and paint one of these.

Or, at least, that's what I currently believe, as I write this in late February. However, due to his previous stirling efforts in this field, I have to consider the possibility, even the likelihood, that Pete also has a battleship and is biding his time in order to get a game in with it but not seem too eager.

So now I have to bide my own time, but not leave it too long or Pete really will get one (if he hasn't already) and I'll lose the advantage. Man, this is complicated.

As a bonus, the model comes with two "turret" sections, which you can swap without the need to glue them. This means that I also have the option to use this as a Platinum Supercarrier, with the ability to launch large numbers of fighters and bombers as well as blasting things with massive weapons.

Launchy launchy, shooty shooty

To make this work, the hull part includes a flight deck, which sits under the turret and is partly visible when the model is in "supercarrier" mode. It's pretty well detailed for something you can't really see, so because I'm some sort of idiot, I've painted it too.
Teeny weeny planey things!

So, there you go. I'm pretty sure I'll be fielding this against another ship of the same size, and also that it will be shot down almost immediately, but maybe it will at least draw enough fire to keep the rest of my fleet in the air, or something.

Anyway, it's painted. So that's something...

Painted: 93
Acquired: 92 (increased by one as I finally admit to owning this...)

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Can't come up with more ship-based titles

I mean, there are only so many puns available.

Still, let's get on. I've continued work on my Shaltari fleet for Dropfleet Commander. For one thing, I decided to suck it up and paint the rest of the voidgates, despite them being fairly boring.
Yeah, these.
Then, I went for a cruiser, specifically a Basalt fleet carrier. This is because I'm fed up of being the only one that can't launch bombers at enemy ships, so I can do that now...

Launchy launchy.

Finally, I painted an Adamant battlecruiser.

Something about Prince Charming 
Battlecruisers are the largest class of ship to feature in our games so far, so having mine painted means I'm not left behind in the arms race, at least as things currently stand. Also, it's a nice model! 

It's not all progress though. I went to the first Chillcon in Sheffield recently, which was pretty good! Unfortunately, because it was pretty good, I ended up buying stuff. And, due to unnecessary generosity, I got free stuff too. 13 new models in total, which means I have to add 13 onto my "acquired" total. 

The microwave wasn't one of them, in case you're wondering
With that in mind, let's see the scores!

Painted: 92
Acquired: 91

Nearly blew it there! Fortunately there's more on the painting table now...