Thursday 5 September 2013

Boom Boom Boom Boom

A quick little post for a quick little painting job! I'm back on the Flames of War at the moment, the Firestorm: Lorraine campaign that we've been running having lured us back in after a few quiet weeks. 

As I had a bit of advance notice that I'd be playing a game, I decided that it was time to paint the artillery I've had lying around since I got it cheap during the messy collapse of Maelstrom Games.

All guns repeat!

Here we go - 4 105mm light howitzers. I fielded these, plus my 75mm pack howitzers and some 155mm guns (proxied with anti-tank guns I'm afraid) as Firestorm troops in the game and was thus able to take full advantage of the US rules for Time on Target and Hit 'Em With Everything You've Got. This blunted Kieron's attacks nicely and gave me the means to cover my own advance, but I have to say that artillery isn't hugely powerful in Flames of War so it's a nice to have element rather than something essential for me.

Anyway, the models themselves - I cobbled together the command, staff team and observers from spare models, including some useful guys with binoculars that are actually intended as half-track passengers. I made a makeshift table for the staff team by stacking up oil drums and boxes from leftover stowage. Works out quite nicely if I do say so myself!