Monday 13 April 2015

Surprise! More French!

I admit these are probably getting less interesting to read about, but I'm still committed enough to try to finish this project in one go, so I'm going to ride the motivation train as far as it'll take me.

To that end, here's three more WW2 French models!

Keep it down! Can't you see I'm on the phone?

These are the forward observer from the new French HQ pack from Warlord, my one SMG-armed model from the same pack, and a spare crewman from the Crusader A/T gun, who will eventually be used as a spotter for a mortar.

The SMG guy is really tall for some reason.
No, not just because the others are kneeling.

The observer was mildly awkard, as his radio kit (behind him, you can't see it brilliantly in these photos, nice work Matt) is clearly meant to sit next to him, which would need a bigger base. I didn't want to do that though, so to fit him on a standard base meant there was a break in the wire between the radio and his handset, which really bugged me.

The radio is still behind him. I should have thought about that.

Then I had the dazzlingly obvious idea of just hiding the join behind foliage on the base, so I did that and now everything is fine.

I'm aware that it's thrilling anecdotes like that which really keep people coming back to this blog. So, you're welcome.

And now onto the score update for 2015! Currently my totals stand at....

Painted: 46
Bought: 22