Wednesday 30 December 2020

One Last Hurrah

2020 is, mercifully, coming to an end.

But before it does, I need to finish off the accounting and log the last set of models I've painted. If I didn't do that, well, you can imagine the potential consequences.

Right, let's kick off. First, a hangover from last time - I found a sprue with a single German model left on it, so I turned him into a forward observer. 

This photo came out ok.
This wasn't the case for the others. 

If my maths is right there should be another spare knocking about somewhere, but I can't find him up to now. Exciting, innit? 

Next, I finished off the remaining models for the Terminator Genisys board game. This will no doubt be thrilling news for those people who will be forced to play through it when lockdowns finally stop being a thing.

I already have better quality casts of two of these models.

It's the same guy three times!

I also have a better cast of this model.

Drones! A swarm of drones!

As I sat down to write this blog post, I realised that there are another six terminator models I've painted and not previously blogged. They're pretty similar to the ones above and I don't have a photo, so, you know, imagine that.

I've also painted six bits of ruined jersey barriers that Kieron gave me some time ago. I don't have a photo of those either. Sod it.

It's the end of the year, and I should really have some kind of summary, but I dunno. I painted some stuff, but lost a fair bit of time to general lockdown/childcare/homeworking business. I did manage to get some bigger stuff done with the contrast paints, and I now have Japanese and German Bolt Action armies that I didn't have before. I've also got the Terminator stuff ready to go when I can corner some victims. 

I suppose for the new year my main hope is to be able to get back to regular games, which is a bit obvious. I'd also like to move onto a couple of planned projects that I've not got to yet. On the other hand, I have a big stack of Japanese infantry and some 3D printed tanks to get to, and painting those would add to existing forces nicely. So... yeah. The main thing I think is to hope for more time for painting somehow. And, you know, the end of the once in a century global pandemic wouldn't go amiss either. 

Right, that went slightly bleak. Let's distract from that by honing in on the really interesting stuff, my scores for the year. When I account for unhelpful things like sales and people just giving me things, those come out as...


Painted: 210

I've had worse years! The main issue here is that I'm fairly baffled as to when I acquired that much stuff. That's something to try to improve on next year - can I keep the influx of new things under a hundred?

I'm sure we'll find out how I inevitably fail over the course of the coming year. Assuming there's no meteor strike or squirrel uprising, or whatever.

Happy new year!