Thursday 29 November 2018

My triumphant return

Right, hello everyone, thank you for waiting.

*Checks watch*


*Checks calendar*

Well, that's somewhat embarrassing, it appears to have been almost four months since my last post.

This makes my previous ISIHPIAP relevant. I can only apologise.

Anyway, while I've been slacking on the blog front, my paintbrush has been active at least. If it's alright with you (and, hell, even if it isn't), I'll split things across two posts as I've done stuff on two different projects. When will I get around to writing the second post, you wonder forlornly? Yeah, that's a problem. Errr, sorry.

Right, that's enough of this contrived imaginary conversation nonsense. On with the first set of painted stuff, which turns out to be for everyone's favourite, my WW2 French force for Bolt Action. Pete and I have gone back to Bolt Action recently and we're working up to doing some of the tank battles from the Germany Strikes book.

That needs me to have more armour and transports, so that's what I've mainly been working on, which gives me...

2 Char B1 Bis!
Big and shooty!
These are plastic Warlord tanks - they're pretty nice kits, and easy enough to paint. The kit is really versatile, you can make various versions of it, including the captured German versions. I still have another left to build, so you can look forward to that. 

2 Somua S35s!
Smaller and somewhat less shooty!
These are resins from Blitzkrieg Miniatures, and I should definitely have washed them better than I did. Painting these became quite a sysiphean task as the paint constantly peeled off. I persevered, in the proud tradition of the really stupid, and managed eventually to get the third and fourth gallons of paint to stay attached.

A staff car!


This is a resin from Urban Construct, which I bought on impulse at Vapnartak a while back for a fiver. It is definitely just a resin cast of a toy car. When I turned it over (to cut off the massive unwanted chunk of resin stuck to the bottom) I could read the text from the bottom of the toy. It's also fairly large - whatever scale the toy was meant to be, I'd guess it's actually about 1:43. That's ok, but the tanks are 1:56 so it's not a great fit. Still, it was a really easy paint job, and in scenarios where I don't use many other vehicles it'll look fine.

2 Lorraine 38 carriers!

Adding these takes me up to having 3 carriers, which is nice. These are Warlord resins, and pretty nice when they're assembled. 

A little lorry!
Another Warlord resin model. I've had this lying around for years, and for a lot of that time I'd managed to end up with the resin and metal parts in different rooms. Eventually I reunited them, and this happened. So there you are.

A sniper team!
More Warlord models, representing a troop choice that won't be available in any of the scenarios I've been planning with Pete for ages, making them an excellent choice for me to paint. I am a smart man.

An officer!
Over there...
This fella came with some Great War Miniatures gun crew that I bought for my medium howitzer some time ago. I mainly found him amusing as he has a walking stick, so there you go.

An anti-tank rifle team!

There you go then. I'm still alive, and I've painted stuff.

Since I last posted I've also been buying things, so I've blown the negative score I had for "acquired" models since giving some stuff away in January. Anyway, as you'll definitely remember I've been counting off models that I've painted, so here are the updated stats on that...

Acquired: 30
Painted: 94

For sure, I'll be over the blog posting from now on, so you can watch for that.