Monday 30 April 2012

End of April Roundup

Time flies when you're having fun, and also when you've got too much to do!

We've reached the end of another month, so as usual it's time to have a look at how I did and think about what I want to do next.

Here's the haul in full:

My target was to finish the Sword Dancer cavalry and another unit of Normans. As I posted last time, I've done that already, although I had an accident with the Sword Dancers and had to repair them, but they're ready to go now.

The Norman knights took me a while to do for some reason. Not sure why, I just never really got into painting them.

As my wildcard I painted the unit of Norman crossbows I got a discount on during the Spring Tide event. I found these much easier going, and I've now inked them too. They're ready for varnish but that's going to wait until we get some dry weather, I'm afraid of the dreaded White Foggy Varnish Thing of Doom that occurs when you spray varnish and there's too much water in the air.

Then, since I'd got a bit more time, I went back to this model that I got as a freebie at Triples last year. Once he's painted he'll give me three warlords on foot for my Anglo Danes, so I can use the Godwinson brothers. At least I think it's the Godwinsons. Unfortunately I'm a bit thick and left my rules at Andy's last night, so I can't check. Whoops.

Targets for next month then. Where do I go from here? Well, I'm not going to have loads of time. I know I always say that, but it's always true! The wife and I found out this month that our upcoming baby will be a girl, due in September :D. With the new arrival we'll need more space, so we're selling our house and buying a new one, we now have offers accepted at both sides. Just to complicate things further I'm away all next week on a bizarre and slightly terrifying stag do - 9 men on a canal barge in Norfolk. I hope everyone packs deodorant. And, because all that's a bit much to afford, remaining free time will be spent on eBaying off some of my less useful models and anything else that sits still too long.

So all of those things will be targets to start with, but you good people don't really care about any of that, you want hobby results! You hard taskmasters you. Alright then, to please you I'm going to aim for another unit of Norman knights, plus... something Flashbang related (Flashbang being the close quarters skirmish game I wrote but still need to prepare more models, terrain and rules for). Not sure what, but I'll give updates when I know what I'm doing. Oh, and I'll varnish the crossbows too, if it ever stops raining!

Thursday 26 April 2012

The Norman Conquest (of my desk at least)

Yes, I know, I know. I've been terribly slack at keeping the blog up to date recently. It really is a very poor show. Still, real life things seem to be going very well at the moment and I've been able to do a little painting, so, having finally got around to taking some photos, I thought I'd get a post up and share them with you.

Man the new Blogger photo upload thing sucks! I'm really not sure what they thought they were doing with it, but now I only seem to be able to upload a single photo at a time (although the message says "your photos are being uploaded"!) and although it's nice that I can pick settings before I add the photo, I can't pick Extra Large and I don't get a progress bar. When you change your UI, you're meant to make it better, not worse...

Anyway, rant over, let's have a look at some models.

If you remember, the target for April was to get a unit done for Saga, and the Sword Dancer cavalry for VBCW. You won't see any of the Sword Dancers in this post I'm afraid. They were all painted, and I managed to take advantage of the twelve minutes this month when the rain stopped to get them varnished. They were sat on a bit of card outside being sprayed, and a gust of wind flipped the card over, dashing the brave Sword Dancers onto the flagstones below. It was carnage, and some repairs are needed before they're photo ready.

But I didn't break my hearthguard! I'm following the same basic colour scheme with these as with my Anglo Danes - muted-ish colours generally, simple geometric shields, and colour coded bases to tell the unit types apart.

These models are from the Gripping Beast set I won for "best painted" at the Winter is Coming event we ran at Wargamers Free Company a while ago. They're really nice, but they came with metal spears and I've copied Andy's technique for replacing them with florist's wire.

Speaking of Winter is Coming, this month I also took part in Spring Tide, the latest WFC Saga event. This was ably run by JP, and through the genius of his final scenario I was able to rack up loads of kills, winning myself a copy of the new Northern Fury add on!

While we were there we got an extra discount at Wargames Emporium, and I took advantage to get myself the eight Norman crossbowmen you see here - currently painted and needing some ink.

With all the dark ages models I try to make each model an individual and mix up the colours as much as I can - especially for a skirmish game this just seems right to me. The crossbows form my "wild card" for the month and I've really enjoyed doing them, even though they're quite simple - I think I'm just in a Saga mood at the moment. I'm playing aggressively in the club campaign so having these to take my Norman force up to a sensible 5 points (without using unmounted melee troops which Normans can't do much with) will come in handy!

Just need to ink these and fix up the broken Sword Dancers, and I'm done for April...

Saturday 14 April 2012

Mid month progress

As I've been busy this month with trying to find somewhere to live, I've been very slack with the blogging.

I have done some painting though, which includes the first batch of Sword Dancer cavalry for my Very British Civil War force. And here they are:

I used German WW2 forage caps with the peaks cut off to approximate the caps that the real life Sword Dancers wear. Although they all have matching uniforms, their kit is deliberately mismatched - so belts, gloves, blankets etc are all different. The idea is that they've scrounged what they needed wherever they could - including the standard bearer who's sitting on the Union Flag that his flagpole originally had on it.

Next stop, more Normans!

Sunday 1 April 2012

March Round Up

Well, March is over and I met all my targets and more besides!

Ha! April Fool! I actually suck.

My targets for April were to paint my Sword Dancer cavalry for Very British Civil War, build some Sword Dancer infantry, and paint a unit for Saga.

As I've already posted, I did the unit for Saga:

I also painted Alan the horse:

I put together the Sword Dancer infantry (I like how these have come out, especially the sniper! More on them in future I think.):

But despite starting them, I didn't get the Sword Dancer cavalry done:

I just didn't get into doing these. I'll try again for April I think, but at the moment I'm mostly in a Saga frame of mind. I'm keen to get my Normans done, before they take to the field in the club Saga campaign.

I did do a wildcard piece though - the warlord for my Normans. This is the William the Bastard model from Gripping Beast, and it's a great miniature. Really easy to paint too, the details stand out nicely. Just needs the base edging doing, the rest of the model was still wet when I took the photo so I left that off.

And, just as a little extra piece, I did this casualty marker (needs some ink to finish it off though):

I didn't get as much time as I normally have for painting this month. With a baby on the way in September, and as of last weekend an offer on our house meaning we need to find a new one, that's not going to improve for April.

So, I need some new targets. Since they need to be simple, I'll go for just finishing off the Sword Dancer cavalry, and painting another unit of Normans - hearthguard this time.