Monday 30 April 2012

End of April Roundup

Time flies when you're having fun, and also when you've got too much to do!

We've reached the end of another month, so as usual it's time to have a look at how I did and think about what I want to do next.

Here's the haul in full:

My target was to finish the Sword Dancer cavalry and another unit of Normans. As I posted last time, I've done that already, although I had an accident with the Sword Dancers and had to repair them, but they're ready to go now.

The Norman knights took me a while to do for some reason. Not sure why, I just never really got into painting them.

As my wildcard I painted the unit of Norman crossbows I got a discount on during the Spring Tide event. I found these much easier going, and I've now inked them too. They're ready for varnish but that's going to wait until we get some dry weather, I'm afraid of the dreaded White Foggy Varnish Thing of Doom that occurs when you spray varnish and there's too much water in the air.

Then, since I'd got a bit more time, I went back to this model that I got as a freebie at Triples last year. Once he's painted he'll give me three warlords on foot for my Anglo Danes, so I can use the Godwinson brothers. At least I think it's the Godwinsons. Unfortunately I'm a bit thick and left my rules at Andy's last night, so I can't check. Whoops.

Targets for next month then. Where do I go from here? Well, I'm not going to have loads of time. I know I always say that, but it's always true! The wife and I found out this month that our upcoming baby will be a girl, due in September :D. With the new arrival we'll need more space, so we're selling our house and buying a new one, we now have offers accepted at both sides. Just to complicate things further I'm away all next week on a bizarre and slightly terrifying stag do - 9 men on a canal barge in Norfolk. I hope everyone packs deodorant. And, because all that's a bit much to afford, remaining free time will be spent on eBaying off some of my less useful models and anything else that sits still too long.

So all of those things will be targets to start with, but you good people don't really care about any of that, you want hobby results! You hard taskmasters you. Alright then, to please you I'm going to aim for another unit of Norman knights, plus... something Flashbang related (Flashbang being the close quarters skirmish game I wrote but still need to prepare more models, terrain and rules for). Not sure what, but I'll give updates when I know what I'm doing. Oh, and I'll varnish the crossbows too, if it ever stops raining!

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