Saturday 21 November 2020

It's All About Turnover

It's been a couple of months since my last blog post, but for once I've been busy in the meantime. After I painted a few test Germans with contrast paints, I wanted a little tweak to get a greener base uniform colour before I pushed on with more infantry.

It's safe to say I managed that.

For future reference (my own, anyway, I'm sure no one else cares), the colour scheme I landed on was:

Guilliman Flesh - skin tone (obvs)
Creed Camo - uniform
Wyldwood - gun stocks, camo splashes
Black Templar - boots, Y harness straps
Skeleton Horde - puttees, helmet covers
Militarum Green - camo splashes, pouches
Basilicanum Grey - gun barrels, helmets
Agoras Dunes - panzerfausts, any other dunkelgelb bits

I was also steered towards Geek Gaming's base ready range, and I used the Scrublands version on these. I'm a fan! Don't think I'd use it for everything, but for getting through bases in bulk it works really well, so I'm happy with that.

Having sorted out infantry, it seemed reasonable to add some armour...

That's a flammpanzer b2(f), the Geman conversion from a captured Char B1 bis. Since Pete has so enjoyed dealing with these when controlled by the French, it seemed reasonable to let his Allied forces have a go at them. Also, everyone loves a flamethrower.

So there you have it. I've managed to do some painting and resist the urge to buy loads more stuff (at least until yesterday, Black Friday caught me out there). Which means it's now time to come to the most important part, the scores...

Painted: 178
Acquired: 145

More on the way!