Thursday 8 August 2013

You wait ages for a game...

... and then three come along at once! Well, close enough that I only write a single blog post about them, anyway. My spare time at home has been taken up with non-wargames related "real world" things lately, so I don't have much to report on the painting front, but I have been able to play some diverse games over the last couple of weeks.

First up, my first match in the South Yorkshire Dice Devils' Blood Bowl league, against Rich's lizardmen team, Ichi Bo Lox. This gave me a chance to run out my goblins, the Squig Fuelled Stabbers, again. By playing enthusiastically, and with judicious application of secret weapons, I was able to inflict some casualties and went into the second half at 1-1.

Damn! The first Lizardman touchdown
Huzzah! A glorious equaliser!
Some midfield violence. It looked like I could get the ball away for a while, until...
Blast! The winner for the scaly ones!

Unfortunately, exuberance and lucky dice weren't quite enough in the second half. Despite being able to keep some fights going for several turns, eventually the better quality of Rich's players began to tell, and he was able to score a scrappy second touchdown and take the lead. I ran out of time trying to force my way upfield with a huge mob of goblins and occasionally the ball, but I managed to get out of the first game without any goblin fatalities, which is always a plus!

Then, JP invited me to come and help run some demo games of Flames of War at the Dice Devils... which turned into demoing Saga instead. Saga is a very easy game to demo, and we had a few enjoyable games over the space of the evening. JP turned out to be unable to lose to newbies though - slaying his opponent's warlord with a single fatigued berserker (I think the fatal phrase was "I only have four dice and need sixes, so you'll be fine...").

Finally, this weekend I had an evening of X-Wing with Kieron. In an unusual (almost unprecedented, in fact) move, we played through the scenarios in the rulebook, rather than just lining up 100 point squadrons and having at it. Each game was a pretty close run thing, but overall I ended up down 3 games to 1. I think that may be down to the design of the scenarios with the forces from the basic set, so I'd like to try them again with 100 point squadrons and see if I can manage any better.

Not sure what was happening here, but I'm sure it was exciting

So that's been my hobby life recently. At some point I hope I can get enough free time in a row to paint some models, you never know your luck...