Tuesday 26 October 2010

The Saxon Defenders

So the reason I've started this whole endeavour is that the GIMPS are running (very probably amongst other things) a participation game at Sheffield Triples 2011 that I've agreed to paint up some models for.

The game will be a skirmish sort of thing between defending saxons and invading vikings. We don't have rules in place yet (because that would imply that we're organised) but I do know that I need to paint about 30 saxons and a ship for them by Triples next year (and I don't know the exact date, isn't that handy). I'm hoping someone else will join in the saxon painting (I'm the only one so far and there are about 8 or 9 viking painters!) but I'll assume I'm on my own for the time being.

The perk from joining in is that the club has bought the ship for me and I can buy it from the club after the event for a reduced price as thanks for my efforts, so I'd better get something done!

As it stands, I've bought the saxon warriors (a box from Wargames Factory) and I have the ship undercoated. I don't really know how all the pieces of the ship go together but from looking at some pictures of viking boats (can't find many saxon ones) I think I can figure most of it out.

So, next step - get the warriors undercoated, and work out some colour schemes! I think there were some in a Wargames Illustrated a while ago so I'll do some reading and see what I can find. There may even be pictures coming later, if you're very very lucky.

My first post

I believe it's customary when starting something like this to have first post with minimal information on it so you can muck about with the settings. Well, this is mine.

Assuming I keep this up more than a day, this will be a sort of project log of the various modelling and painting projects I work on as a member of Sheffield and Rotherham Wargamers, or as everyone actually calls us, the GIMPS.

Since I doubt anyone is actually going to read it, the aim here is to shame myself into maybe having a higher proportion of my shockingly vast collection of little plastic and metal soldiers be painted to some kind of standard, and possibly even remember how I did some of it in case I want to do it again later. If anyone does stumble here by mistake and finds something useful, that'll be a) a nice side effect and b) just shy of miraculous.