Saturday 13 April 2019

It's Another Tank. A French One. I bet you're surprised.

As I banged on about some time ago, Pete and I have spent actual years getting ready to play the linked Fall of France scenarios from the Germany Strikes! Bolt Action book. Last week we finally got going and played the Battle of Orp scenario - a battle based around French Somua S35's and a variety of German tanks.

It did not go well for me.

So, let's ignore that, and press on. The next scenario is the Battle of Stonne, which, as if to bolster my chances, is based around the much more interesting Char B1 bis.

I'd already got two of these slightly weird (much longer than they are wide!) monsters painted, so I needed to add a third.

Fortunately, I had one waiting - a Warlord Games resin version that I've had waiting in the garage for an almost embarrassingly long time.

It went together very easily. That in itself was something of a surprise, as it turned out that on the first attempt I'd managed to put the *&#@ing tracks on the wrong way around. I discovered this when I was looking at one the versions I'd already done so I could confirm where the transfers should go. I was of course thrilled that I'd get the chance to remove the tracks, reverse them, and then repaint about two thirds of the model to get the camouflage to line up again.


Anyway, I'm pleased with the result, and having three of these on the table will be interesting.

On the night, Pete's 88 is likely to be my biggest problem (again) - it'll have relatively little trouble getting through even the very thick armour of these things, and they're slow, so I might very quickly be looking at three burning tanks.

Still, we'll find out! Onward to victory!

Right, scores time. This is going to suffer somewhat from the arrival of the 7TV Apocalypse stuff, but lets have a look.

Acquired: 34
Painted: 4

That isn't quite the "pulling it out of the bag" that I hinted at last time. Err... I'll try to sort that out.

Bye then!