Sunday 1 April 2012

March Round Up

Well, March is over and I met all my targets and more besides!

Ha! April Fool! I actually suck.

My targets for April were to paint my Sword Dancer cavalry for Very British Civil War, build some Sword Dancer infantry, and paint a unit for Saga.

As I've already posted, I did the unit for Saga:

I also painted Alan the horse:

I put together the Sword Dancer infantry (I like how these have come out, especially the sniper! More on them in future I think.):

But despite starting them, I didn't get the Sword Dancer cavalry done:

I just didn't get into doing these. I'll try again for April I think, but at the moment I'm mostly in a Saga frame of mind. I'm keen to get my Normans done, before they take to the field in the club Saga campaign.

I did do a wildcard piece though - the warlord for my Normans. This is the William the Bastard model from Gripping Beast, and it's a great miniature. Really easy to paint too, the details stand out nicely. Just needs the base edging doing, the rest of the model was still wet when I took the photo so I left that off.

And, just as a little extra piece, I did this casualty marker (needs some ink to finish it off though):

I didn't get as much time as I normally have for painting this month. With a baby on the way in September, and as of last weekend an offer on our house meaning we need to find a new one, that's not going to improve for April.

So, I need some new targets. Since they need to be simple, I'll go for just finishing off the Sword Dancer cavalry, and painting another unit of Normans - hearthguard this time. 


  1. I don't suppose you're looking for a two-bed terrace in Hillsborough?

    1. Needs to be at least three beds I'm afraid... just sold a two-bed terrace (admittedly a smaller one than yours)!