Thursday 18 November 2010

My painting plans for the weekend

So I'm sat here in a hotel room in Los Angeles, with about 20 minutes until I need to head into the office, and of course I'm thinking "the best way to spend that time in a foreign metropolis thousands of miles away from home is to sit at my laptop and make another blog post, even though I don't have access to any photos that I could use to talk about something I've done, and can only fill space by talking about my plans". And here is that blog post.

This weekend I want to really set things in motion with the Saxons. I got some bases for them, and I've pretty much figured out how the boat is going to go together, so I want to aim to have the boat and the first 5 or so warriors ready by the time I go back to work next week.

To do that I'll need to do a little research into how I'm going to paint them, so I'll have a look around the intertubes and see what information I can find about colours etc.

Also speaking of colours, I think I'm going to colour code the bases so that it's easier to see which unit is which in the Triples game - I still need to find out what the rules are going to be for that though (and even if things will be organised into units!). I'll also try to decide how I want to do the bases. I'm sort of thinking I should go for a "muddy field" kind of look, but I might have a go at making some sort of beach effect. Maybe even a mix of the two would work, but I normally like all the bases in the same army to have a similar style to tie them all together.

Other things on the workbench at the moment that will almost certainly distract me are my Deathstrike Launcher and Penal Legion for 40k. Having said that I've yet to decide how to do the Penal Legion - I'm using Necromunda gangers for that but I'm really not sure what kind of colour scheme to go for.

Once I'm back in the UK there should be more photos, and that's not all! I'm going to finally put up some discussion of how I painted my Romans, which I sort of planned to write about here, before I decided I needed photos to show what I was talking about.

Well, that filled some of my 20 minutes, even if I didn't say anything useful with it. If you've just read this, more fool you I suppose, but at least I'm promising to put up something a bit more interesting in a few days...

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