Saturday 26 March 2011

Yet more Saxons

So, Triples is coming up fast, and I'm getting closer to having the Saxons finished.

First off, I've painted another warlord!

This is another West Wind model - from the Pictish Command pack (although I've used a Saxon head and shield). One comment from the previous warlord I painted was that the cloak looked quite flat - this is probably because I didn't use much beyond ink to shade it. This time I've added a couple of layers of highlights before adding the ink, which brings more light into the cloak - I've done the same with the rest of the clothes on this model as well.

So that covers all the infantry models that I need to have painted for Triples - I do have another 3 models from the Pictish command pack which I'll paint up, but if I don't manage to get that done before Triples, Rich has very helpfully painted up the rest of the Saxon fighters so we'll have all the warriors we'll need.

I've also started on the basing:

The good thing about writing is blog is that I get a lot of free advice! Here I'm taking some from Al, who suggested using coloured filler on the bases. As you can see I've done that here, I'll add some sand and gravel and then paint the lot to get a nice even colour. I'm pretty much planning to do that in one batch, as I have a day off coming up on Friday...

And finally, the ship is well underway now.

I've basecoated the whole thing, and used some magnets to attach the mast - that doesn't work perfectly though, so I might try to wedge it with some tape around the bottom of the mast.

I think that if I somehow don't get chance to do anything else on the ship it would be "passable" for Triples, but I really want to get some highlights on here and add a furled sail.

Watch this space and find out if I succeed...

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  1. Your Saxons are looking great!

    Who makes the Ship? I need one for my Northmen!