Tuesday 9 August 2011

More baggage train progress

Well, another week has gone by since I posted last, and I've made some progress so I'd better keep you fine people appraised of developments....

I've got the first few models onto the base and modelled the base around them, and then stuck on some more models that aren't finished yet.

Starting to come together...
Having done the base under the cart, I've stuck it to the base. I've also done the oxen apart from ink, so I've stuck them in place and put the yoke onto them.

As you can see from the photos the yoke isn't painted yet - I didn't want to do it until it was stuck on since I know I'd just rub the paint off as I stuck it in place.

I've modelled the base underneath the cart, so I've stuck the cart on to finish painting it.
The slave girls and the camel were done, and I don't need to put anything else on that area of the base so I've modelled and painted it up.
The slave girls and camel are done, so I've modelled the base around them.
You can also just see the corner of the command marker I made last month - I've just finished off the base for that but brilliantly haven't taken a proper photo of it so, you know, just imagine it.

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